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Eldon Square evacuated due to an ‘incident’

Everyone was made to leave the shopping centre

Eldon Square has been evacuated, according to reports within the last hour. Everyone inside the building had to leave after an "incident" occurred.

Eye witnesses say an alarm went off and staff in shops seemed confused, and then everyone was asked to leave.

Newcastle University student Scarlett Caroll told the Tab Newcastle: "As I was leaving, the alarm was sounding, and saying that the building was being evacuated due to ‘an incident’.

"People were being advised which was the quickest route by staff members of stores, making sure that everyone got out safely. When I got out there was a large crowd of people, and there were still some people trying to get in who seemed annoyed.

"I overheard a staff member say that it was a fire alarm but a few minutes later as I was walking off I saw some police vehicles with their lights and sirens on.

"Of course, I’m not sure if the police vehicles were connected to the incident, but there were driving up over the pedestrian bit near monument to get onto the road near Eldon square."

A worker in Starbucks told us, it's a "fire alarm down in St Stephen's Way in the north wing of the mall".

Intu Eldon Square tweeted at the time:

They have since tweeted that the centre is now back open and have apologised for the disruptions.