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Newcastle’s Maddest Fresher: Winner Revealed

And the winner is…

This year's Maddest Fresher award goes to Jack Beattie, hurrah! The Geography student attempted to swing off a sewage pipe in the club which subsequently snapped under his weight and sprayed piss across everyone in the immediate vicinity.

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This year's maddest fresher also has incredible dress sense

Jack says that winning has been his "greatest achievment so far since arriving at uni" and we would be inclined to agree with this statement fully. His favourite night out is Feral Fridays or sports social night at Tiger Wednesdays; absolute classics.

When asked on what advice he would give to future freshers, Jack said he'd advise them to frequent a "trebles bar before every night out as the cheap booze will mean that they don't have to remember what happens the next day". He also reminded future freshers that "just because they've had a couple of pints, doesn't mean they are qualified in parkour". Pretty sound advice to follow.

So, that's it for this year. If any future freshers are reading this then our advice to you would be as follows: dream big, this could be you one day.