Awkward reunions, comfy beds and the bank of Mum: Unavoidable things that will happen when you go home for Christmas

It’s the most beautiful time of the year

First term has dragged on for longer than it should have and everyone is gagging to get back to the comfort of their own home and be reunited with their pets. Oh, and their family and friends too. But most importantly pets.

However, no matter how hard we try, going home for Christmas always sees the same reoccurring scenarios that just can not be avoided. So here is a list of all the things that WILL happen when you arrive back home for Christmas.

Every single family member asking you: "How's uni going?"

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You will undoubtedly be sick of hearing this question by the time Christmas is over. And you will undoubtedly be sick of giving the exact same response to everyone who asks.

"Yeah it's good, thanks! Really enjoying myself."

And then you have the family members who ask if you do any actual work at uni or if it's just partying. How about you try going to a 9am with two hours sleep and tell me that's not actual work? Pfft.

You'll be hounded with questions about your love life

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Nope. Sorry to disappoint. Don't have a boyfriend yet. Unless you want to count a match on Tinder, then I have made no progress.

They'll then proceed to boost your ego by asking "Why not??", "any boy would be lucky to have you!", and "are they blind??" Thanks Auntie Susan, but why don't you try telling them that, because it never seems to work when I do.

Or in other cases, when you do have a new partner, you will then be forced to answer police interrogation style questions, show everyone a photo and then invite them to the next family function. There is no escape.

Getting to sleep in your own, clean, quiet bed

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There is nothing like the comfort of your bed at home.

The thought of not being woken up by screaming in the corridor or the party going on next door. Ah, bliss.

You are reunited with your friends from home

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Coming home for Christmas is basically a school reunion. It's the time you and your friends have counted down to since you said your emotional goodbyes in September. There is nothing like going back to your local pub and having a good old catch up. Just like the old times.

However, there are some people you were glad to see the back of and the reunion is slightly more awkward. The ones you haven't kept in contact with and the ones that come back from their first term as a completely different person, as if they've been on a gap yaah and found themselves.

You're also super glad to see the back of that person you got with in summer and thought you'd never have to see again. Yep, awkward.

You retreat back to being incapable of doing anything and letting your mum nurture you

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After becoming a (somewhat) responsible adult at uni: cooking, cleaning, doing all your own shopping – as soon as you get back home you will lose all these transferable skills.

You become incapable of buying anything yourself and suddenly every item you own appears to go missing. Not a day will go by that you don't stand at the top of the stairs and shout "MuUuUuUuUUum".

Everyone will have to deal with your low-budget, student friendly presents

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Christmas as a student is doing secret Santa with the budget at £5. No one can really expect to be getting a Louis Vuitton bag off you for Christmas when you've been living off pesto pasta for three months, can they?

It's hard when you know your family deserve the world for Christmas but all you can afford to get them is novelty socks from Primark.

You realise the nights out just aren't what they used to be

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Everyone's excited, giddy and merry to all go on a night out in the home town – just like the good old days. But it doesn't take long to realise you're not at uni anymore and the nights out have taken a massive downgrade.

After living with the luxury of going out at university, you forget how bad your local clubs are. Everywhere is empty, your friends are throwing up and you can't pull anyone because they either know your family, know your friends or you work with them. No one is safe.

Why did I used to think this was the best night out ever?

You get to be reunited with your pet!

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The moment you have waited for all term.

Your parents have spent the whole term sending you photos and updates of your pet on the daily. You've been counting down the days for so long until you can finally be reunited. You start to wonder – will they still remember me? Will they hate me because I left them?

But the moment you're finally reunited, all of those thoughts go out of the window as the unconditional love prevails.

Nonetheless, it's still all better than deadlines.