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Accents, free washing and Aldi trips: What it’s like to go to uni in your hometown

No need to fly the nest


When faced with the decision of choosing a university location, I barely even considered anywhere other than my hometown of Newcastle. Everyone always encourages you to move away and experience the buzz of a new city, but living in the centre of your hometown can be just as fun! Living just a short distance from home comes with MANY perks, but it also opens up your eyes to things you might never have experienced.

In Freshers' Week, you are considered a native God

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As a Geordie, you're the designated night out planner in the first few weeks of uni. Everyone relies on you for the best clubs to go to, so advise wisely or you'll be never be trusted again. In my experience, I had to vigorously divert the interest away from Digi Mondays, where I'd been going EVERY SINGLE Monday since I can remember.

You'll be asked for directions every single day until everyone knows their way round. Make sure you know every nook and cranny, back street and pathway of your city inside out. Or you'll be in danger of being called a plazzy Geordie.

You get the best of both worlds

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There's nothing quite like the luxury of having your family close, but not too close. You can enjoy the freedom that comes with moving into new accommodation, eating whatever whenever, and being as lazy and messy as you please. But you can always rely on your Mam to come and do your washing, avoid the extortionate halls prices, or take you to Aldi so you don't have to pay for taxi fares. Take advantage in first year though – they'll be sick of your neediness by second year.

You can escape your stinking kitchen whenever you please

If your crummy, unkempt house ever becomes all too much, home is always just a short journey away. You can relax and recharge in a dirt and mess free space. You won't be there for long before you gain a serious case of FOMO.

You're constantly asked where the best places to eat/drink are

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Food porn

Make sure you recommend your city's best happy hour and 2-for-1 cocktail bars and restaurants. You need to cater for the fun and broke!!!

People take the piss out of your accent, IN YOUR OWN CITY

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Yes, that's right. If I hear my flatmates mock my pronunciation of "book" and "cook" one more time….! A word of advice: be prepared to defend your accent among your non-native peers.

Uni family and home family

One of the best perks about being close to home is being able to introduce your home friends to your uni family and having the best nights out and house parties. It's such an advantage being able to keep a strong connection to your home birds as well as having a blast with your new group.

A balancing act…

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Although I wouldn't change going to Newc Uni for anywhere else, living near home does come with significant pressures in terms of balancing everything and everyone equally. Because you're around everyone you love, it can be difficult finding time for uni work and yourself. But hey, sticking to your hometown often makes for the best uni experience.