Here’s some info to help you understand the NUSU Referendum

So what’s all this about the NUS?

You may have heard talk floating around campus abot a referendum being held by Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU). This referendum is asking the student body to vote whether they should join the NUS, having left in 2016. By getting clued up about the referendum, you’ll be able to make an informed vote that could affect the lives of students for the next three years.

What is the NUS anyway?

The National Union of Students, or the NUS, is a union meant to represent students and Students’ Unions at a national level. Unions that decide to pay the membership fee are able to send delegates to conferences in order to get their voices heard on a national level. In the 70s and 90s, the NUS worked towards achieving the student railcard and no council tax for students by working alongside the government.

How to get more information

If this is the first time that you’ve heard about the referendum and you're (hopefully) thinking that you would like some more information about why to vote yes or no, then lucky you. There are two Facebook pages, one for each campaign, which can give you more information about the arguments either way. For more information about both sides, make sure you take a peek at the No campaign and the Yes – educate yourself!

Your vote is important

For the student voice to count, rather than it being decided by the powers that be on the top floor of the SU, there needs to be a five per cent voter turnout. Although that may not sound like a huge amount, it does mean that every single vote counts. Even though it was a hot topic back in 2016, a whopping 94 per cent of students didn’t even vote! Stop this from happening again, and get voting. Votes have already opened, and are open until midday on Thursday 6th December. Head to NUSU website to get your voice heard.