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The broken door residents finally got it fixed and had a house party to celebrate

There was a DJ and light technician

Last month, a group of Northumbria University students set up a Just Giving page to foot the bill for a new door after theirs was booted down at a house party.

The party was held in the house next door to the original party house on request of the landlord. It was a well known event with people travelling from all over the country to attend.

Bubble student saw their appeal and paid for their new door. They also offered to throw them a 'new door party'. The party took place on Saturday and was set to be the best Heaton had ever seen.

The broken door even made an appearance as resident Will carried it into the lounge to receive a chorus of cheers as it crowd surfed being passed around the room.

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There were over 300 people on the Facebook event and party goers had to be on the official guest list and get a wristband to be let in to the event by the bouncers.

The house was transformed into a jungle with khaki drapes covering the ceilings and leaves crawling the walls.

Unfortunately, the fun was stopped around 2am when police arrived to shut the party down. Although neighbours had been warned, it is believed there was a noise complaint.

Resident of the house with the broken door, Tamar, wanted to give a "big shoutout to Bubble for the set up and all the guests for a great night".

Party guest, Abbie, told The Newcastle Tab, "I went to the first party which was really good but this one was even better, the DJ was so good – we're trying to get him play at ours next week as well! Shame it got shut down but was still a good night they’d better have another one!"

Photo Credit: Kevin Wong for WTH