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Newcastle’s Maddest Fresher 2018: Time to vote your winner

Here’s the final round up

So, the nominations are in, their stories have been exposed to the world and now it's up to YOU to decide who will be crowned this year's Maddest Fresher.

Annabel Simpson

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A fresh faced student, before the claws of Soho dragged her into the pits of hell

Annabel, like many of us, took it a step too far in Soho during Freshers' Week. However, she took it to the next level by ending up in hospital with absolutely no recollection of the night before. Legend.

Connor Sinclair

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Connor's drunk confidence led to him incurring £4,000 in dental reconstruction fees after attempting to leap frog over a bollard – the key word being "attempt". After a trip to A&E and many trips to the dentist, Connor is well on his way to recovery, but remains psychologically scarred. Whether he wins or not, the blood stain outside the scene of the crime ensures that Connor has well and truly left his mark on Newcastle.

Freddie Mcadoo

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Literally HOW

Freddie's story is perhaps the most heartbreaking of them all: running into a lamp post before Freshers' even began and being signed off from drinking for two weeks. However, all was not lost and Freddie soldiered on while simultaneously obtaining a pretty decent battle wound.

Jack Beattie

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Zero fucks given

Jack was nominated for his disastrous miscalculation in a club, when he decided to swing from a pipe which ultimately turned out to be a sewage pipe. It snapped and sprayed piss on everyone in the vicinity, concerning everyone but seemingly not Jack, who continued the night as if nothing had happened. Admirable.

It's now time for you to vote for who you think deserves to be named this year's Maddest Fresher!