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Newcastle’s Maddest Fresher Nomination: Freddie Mcadoo

This one is bound to hurt

The next nomination in the highly anticipated Maddest Fresher competition comes from Maths student Freddie Mcadoo, however he seriously miscalculated this one.

Freddie has earned himself a spot on the list after running into a lamp post on the way home from a night out, BEFORE FRESHERS' HAD EVEN OFFICIALLY BEGUN.

Yep, thats right, silly fresh Freddie wrote himself off before the best week of alcohol-infused-socially-acceptable-carnage in his entire life. Foolish, simply foolish. He was told by doctors that he had incurred a pretty decent case of concussion and was ordered not to drink for two weeks, heartbreaking news for any uni student tbf, especially for a new born fresher.

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I can literally feel his pain

Freddie claims that the infamous Tiger Tiger "got the better" of him on his very first night in Newcastle and that he believes the lamp post incident will be a big part of his life. Freddie would also like to thank the "fit nurse at A&E" who helped him and his mum for giving him "such poor spatial awareness that led to this accident".

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The look of a broken man

If there are any future freshers reading this: don't be like Freddie, just get an Uber home and avoid any lamp posts at all costs.

Keep a lookout for the rest of the nominees and their stories!

If you think you know a fresher madder than Freddie, nominate them here.