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Newcastle’s Maddest Fresher Nomination: Connor Sinclair

A gofundme page is deffo in order

Our next nomination comes from biology student Connor Sinclair. While on a night out, Connor made the optimistic, if not completely disastrous, decision to leap frog over a bollard, face planted, knocked himself out for a few seconds and consequently incurred £4000 in dental reconstruction fees. Silly fresh.

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Before being whisked to hospital, Connor stumbled upon his missing tooth and found a new home for it; the bin. The bloodstain outside the trauma scene still remains…

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Conor with a full set of teeth, blissfully unaware of his fate.

On what it would mean to win, Connor said he would at least have proof that he is the "biggest mess in existence". Surely a gofundme page is in order to support Connor's obscene dental debts.

Stay tuned to see the next maddest fresher nomination coming soon.