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We spoke to the Northumbria student who lost his tooth on a night out

Feel like shit just want it back

Harry Cantwell, a Northumbria Uni student, was walking back home after a night out when he fell into a manhole and lost his front tooth.

Harry's friend posted on Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange saying 'Missing teeth. Somewhere between Swingers and Jesmond. Message if found – much sentimental value.'

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Harry told The Newcastle Tab, "I don’t remember it really but from what I’ve been told I fell over a roadwork sign into a manhole and hit the deck face first and had to get out covered in loads of mud and shit with one of my teeth missing."

His tooth is still missing even after the Facebook plea. He said "I haven’t found my tooth it’ll still be somewhere in the hole. I go next Monday to get it fixed, it's gonna cost me £75."

Harry has obviously been the centre of attention with his mates since the incident saying, "I’ve just been getting the shit ripped out of me for the past few days really, just all think it’s hilarious like I'm never gonna hear the end of it."

The post got a lot of attention with over 200 people reacting and some fellow students suggesting he heads to the uni medical school for help fixing it.

If you find Harry's tooth please let him or The Newcastle Tab know ASAP.