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Downing a pint of sick, getting urinated on and 30 other shocking things that have happened in Newcastle clubs

You don’t wanna know


It is safe to say the Toon is a crazy place, and if you are a student here you are bound to have some shocking nightclub tales to tell. We asked students in Newcastle to share the maddest things they have ever done in a club and they did not hold back.

1. Paying off the toilet man £20 to take a girl into the cubicle and shag

2. Drinking someone else’s piss out of the urinal in Tiger

3. Unknowingly downing a pint of sick while stealing random people's drinks in Bijoux

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4. Getting sucked off in the middle of a Digi Monday

5. Being sick and shitting at the same time while wearing white trousers

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6. Falling from fourth floor Soho to the third floor through the netting

Quite impressive to be honest

7. Chucking a glass of sick over an innocent girl

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8. Shitting in a sock and carrying it around Tup Tup

Utterly disgusting

9. Throwing a glass bottle across the dance floor causing a girl to have to go to A&E

10. Fingering someone on Floho dance floor

Which part of that is more embarrassing?

11. Being sick on the decks at Soho before trying to order a drink

12. Spending £400 in Soho alone

That is a lot of trebs

13. Pulling a whitey outside Digi and waking up in the back seat of a stranger’s car in Jesmond

14. Shitting on Powerhouse dance floor and sleeping on the bench outside the club

When you've got to go, you've got to go

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15. Projectile vomiting on a VIP table in House of Smith

Classy as always

16. Having a tab in the middle of Digi dance floor

The smoking area's too cold anyway

17. Hanging off the ceiling in Bier Keller and bringing part of it down

18. Swinging off the trapeze in House of Smith

19. Leaning over the bar at Digi and chugging vodka from the bottle

Shots, shots, shots

20. Getting off with the DJ

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21. Getting pissed on at Shindig

This takes getting pissed to another level

22. Slapping a bouncer and getting kicked out

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23. Being sick through a friends legs while they were having a piss

Now that's friendship

24. Pissing on Flares dance floor

When Abba comes on, there's no time for a loo trip

25. Windmilling in the club

26. Sliding down the bannister in Soho and falling flat on your face

Taking the stairs is overrated anyway

27. Spending £45 in Maccies and eating it all on the way home

28. Paying the the toilet lady all your money in return for only one lollipop

It wasn't even strawberries and cream

29. Getting off with a 40-year-old woman in Popworld


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30. Face planting the ground in the middle of the MSA smoking area

31. Had a wee in Swingers, preceded to take off pants and leave the club

32. Shagging a lad and biting his ear because he was speaking to another girl

Contributors: Ellie Nixon and Kate Slater

Photo credit: Aaron Shaquille-Carlton (Swingers), Harry Craig (Tiger Wednesdays), IamVIP (Popoworld), Sam Cooper (Skint @ Illegitimate), Rob Anderson (Lovedough @ Tup Tup)