There’s a petition to remove the pink and yellow ballerina statue from campus

It has no head

A Newcastle University student has started a petition in a desperate bid to try and get the new statue on campus removed.

The statue, in the Architecture Quadrangle, is of a pink and yellow ballerina with no head. It's one of a number of new statues put up across campus over the summer.

Danny Jones, who studies Medicinal Chemistry and started the petition, acknowledges it is a piece of art but feels it doesn't belong on campus. He especially doesn't like its location, near the traditional architecture of the arches.

Danny told The Newcastle Tab: "I started the petition because the architecture quadrangle is the most iconic area of the campus, directly through the arches and has been preserved to the original university blueprints immaculately.

"It holds historic value and is of Gothic theme that correlated to the style of the buildings surrounding the quadrangle. The art piece is of bright colour and of contemporary design and doesn’t fit in at all with the surroundings it has been placed, I have heard many a person complain about it in my lectures and decided to take action against it."

As of publishing, petition currently has 245 signatures.

If you feel particularly passionate about the statue then you can view and sign the petition by clicking here.