You have officially voted Shark Club as having the best chicken wings in Newcastle

It really wasn’t going to be anywhere else

We asked you to decide where really has best chicken wings in Newcastle.

With a whopping 71 per cent of the vote, Shark Club came in at first place.

With the convenience of it being right next to some of the favourite first year accommodations and right next to St James' Park, it's the place to be for your pre-match day scran and is definitely the place to be on a Wednesday when it's 37p per wing.

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Scoring nowhere near as highly but higher than the rest was Hop & Cleaver in second place with 11 per cent of the vote going in their favour, meat lovers rejoice. This was then followed by Flame 'n' Grill and Spy Bar both with eight per cent respectively.

However, with Shark Club having over 10 flavours accompanying to every different tastebud, it's almost impossible to beat them and with them originating in Canada, the home of hospitality, their friendly staff make the visit all the more enjoyable.

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Even if you're the not the biggest fan of chicken wings Shark Club has plenty more food to fit your fancy and even an array of drinks deals including £7.99 pizzas on a Tuesday as well as a £9.95 roast beef dinner on a Sunday to help with that hangover. So if you've been living under a rock your whole life and haven't been to Shark Club, get down and spread your wings.