We’ve done a round up of all the best happy hour deals in the Toon so you don’t have to

From Jesmond to the Quayside

We all know that Newcastle is renowned for its cheap drink deals, making it the perfect place for a big night out. But if you’re fancying a classy date night or a few birthday drinks with the gals, then look no further. The Newcastle Tab have searched high and low for the best happy hours in the Toon (and there is A LOT).

You no longer have any excuse to spend a fortune on cocktails, as these offers simply cannot be refused. Here is what we found:



The iconic "push the button" means that you can never lose, saving yourself at least 10 per cent on drinks (when you’re a student, every little helps.) Plus, there’s two happy hours every weeknight, one at 6-7pm followed by another at 9-10pm, so whether you’re just having a quiet one with the gals, or starting the night as you mean to go on, you’ll struggle to miss out on this fab drinks deal, and could even win a free drink! Get in.

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Spy Bar

The push the button game strikes again, and this time you could win 2-4-1 on your drink or even a free round. The times vary throughout the week, Monday 12pm- close, Tuesday and Wednesday 4pm-7pm and 9pm-10pm, and Sunday 5pm- close, so you'll struggle to miss out. You can’t always be a winner, however, with one of the options being full price.

Bar Blanc

An absolute classic. There aren’t many nights that start here and don't end in a spontaneous night out. These guys don’t hold back, having a happy hour every night of the week at 5pm-7pm and , you guessed it, a big red button. It doesn’t stop there however, with the famous £2 Tuesdays deal making Jagerbombs and double vodka mixers dirt cheap, as well as ladies night on Thursdays, meaning 2-4-1 on selected cocktails and bottles of wine for £8. It would be rude not to!

97 and Social

If you're fancying a classy cocktail night with your best pals or looking for somewhere to take out your parents on that dreaded visit, then look no further. Not only is it super stylish, but it has great happy hours too, including all night on a Monday (definitely not ideal if you have a 9am on Tuesday.) With at least two happy hours every night all week (including Saturdays) this place is a winner for the best happy hour deals in Jesmond! But it doesn't end there.

City Centre

George’s Great British Kitchen

This absolute gem serves a range of fun cocktails, with numerous drinks deals on offer. Their most popular range has got to be the sweet shop cocktails, which will take you right back to your childhood. From a Fab, to a Refresher, or the absolute go to, the Cherry Drop, these amazing cocktails will leave you feeling super nostalgic. The best part is, they’re part of the 2-4-8 deal (two cocktails for £8) everyday from 2pm-8pm, a perfect way to start your night out or just a nice accompaniment to dinner.

Turtle Bay

If it’s choice you’re looking for, you need to get yourself to Turtle Bay. They have a choice of over 20 cocktails, so you have no reason to opt for the same old Pornstar Martini or Sex on the Beach. Their happy hour involves 2-4-1 on all cocktails, with times dependent on the day but starting as early as 11.30am! Definitely the place for day time drinking on those sunny summer days.


The absolute queen of cocktails. With a whole menu dedicated to bevs, it would be hard not to mention this genuine gem of a bar. Every cocktail from the Revolution Loves menu is 2-4-1 every Sunday-Friday from 5pm-9pm. The choice of flavours is insane and very adventurous – they even offer a cocktail dedicated to those biscoff biscuits you get free with a coffee.

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Za Za Baazaar

This place can be found in The Gate, so is an ideal location to start your night out. All day, seven days a week, they offer 2-4-1 cocktails, 2-4-1 glasses AND bottles of wine and four bottles of beer for £11.95. They even offer loads of mocktails, so if you’ve had a heavy night the one before and cannot face day drinking, don’t fret as you will not miss out.

The Quayside

Hop and Cleaver

2-4-1 cocktails. All day. Everyday. The drinks are adventurous to say the least from Sticky Maple Collins to Miss American Pie. However, if you’re not feeling brave they offer classics also, so no one will judge you for ordering a Purple Rain.

Slug and Lettuce

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The best place for the classic cocktails, and 2-4-1 all day, every day on every single cocktail! Yep, that’s right, you’ll be drinking Woo Woos by the gallon. Absolutely perfect for date night, especially when you’re getting a bit sick of Nando's and fancy somewhere with a little bit more class. Or, if the fam comes to visit, the perfect place to eat and drink while they take in the gorgeous sights of Newcastle’s Quayside.


With a menu full of unique creations, this funky and quirky bar is not one to be forgotten about. The menu even includes games such as a maze and crossword, as well as a scale of cocktails from beginners to advanced drinkers. Plus, the happy hours are great; all night on a Monday, 5pm-7pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and a whopping 5pm-11pm on a Friday, the perfect place to start your night out!

Las Iguanas

An absolute favourite for cocktail nights, especially when their happy hour is all day, everyday. Even on bank holidays these guys are always providing, with the 2-4-1 this place is perfect for birthday drinks with your mates or date night with a view.