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Here’s the most Instagrammable locations in Newcastle

For when you’re in need of clout

Are you always on the lookout for a good Instagram spot? Do you want to make your friends at home jealous and show them what a great place the Toon is? Whether you're a photography enthusiast or you just need some clout for your Insta, we have you covered.

High Level Bridge

What better way to show off the Toon than getting the classic bridge gram in? Now you’re an Instagram verified Geordie.

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By the River Brew Co., Gateshead

Fancy some craft beer and some street food on the weekend? Whether you’re into the foodstagram or just looking for a cute spot to make your friends take ‘candid’ photos of you, this container community right by Tyne Bridge surely does photograph well. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday for your Instagram convenience.

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Diabetes in a picture but 10/10 would comatise ourselves again


“What the fuck have you done?” Pretty relatable. You have most certainly asked yourself this question at more than one point on a Digi Monday, what better way than to capture it with a real-life sign depiciting your downfall as the model student your parents believe you are to the tragic excuse of an adult you actually are?


Everyone loves a good picture in front of a coloured wall. Head to Ouseburn for this Insta-opportunity, we won't judge your vain metro fare to get there.

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Dog and Scone

Do we even NEED to explain this one? Let the pictures and the pups talk for themselves.

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Best day ever ?

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Weather it's for a frosty sunset or a summers day cycle and a few bevs, this location sums up the beauty of Newcastle perfectly.

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Funquay fresh ??

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Leazes Park

Leazes Park at sunset is a beautiful place to snap a quick pic. Bonus points if you can get a cow to stand next to you.

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Newcastle, I love you

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Tynemouth Long Sands

If you fancy killing two birds with one stone and procrastinating with your assignment while taking edgy pics for the gram then Tynemouth Long Sands is just a short metro ride away.

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last night was so needed

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Another aesthetically pleasing location that involves food and booze; what's not to love? Located right in the heart of Newcastle's city centre.

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Excited to see pea head this weekend ??

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The Botanist

Despite the fact you'll most likely have to take out a small loan to afford a cocktail here, its worth it for the beaut view of the city. Or just do what we did: walk in, get the cute pic, leave.

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So that's our fool proof guide to snapping some killer pics for the gram; and if you take any inspo from us dont forget to tag us @thetabnewcastle to have your pics reposted!

Contributor: Theresa Merkel