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Police are investigating as two cars are stolen from Northumbria student house in Jesmond

MacBooks, passports and bank cards were also stolen

After getting in from a night at Swingers, Northumbria students Rachael, Jade and Ellie found their front door bust open and their cars stolen.

As well as two cars, they also had two Macbooks, one laptop, three iPads, a passport, bank cards, cameras, make up, handbags, trainers, phone chargers, speakers and jewellery stolen, as well as the beginning of Ellie's dissertation.

As well as their possessions being taken, their bedrooms were also ransacked, with clothes being pulled out of drawers and bags and cupboards emptied.

The house had an old front door and one yale lock, and it is thought that the door was forced open.

The house on Bayswater Road was broken in to at approximately 11pm whilst the girls, Ellie, 3rd year History, Jade, 3rd year Law and Rachael, 2nd year Media and Journalism were out.

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The Newcastle Tab went to speak to the girls the day after the burglary, where they told us that two of them had gone into town whilst Ellie had gone to stay at a friend’s house. When Jade and Rachael returned home from Swingers at 3.30am they found the front door wide open.

The girls got in a taxi to leave at approximately 11.10pm and the engine in Jade’s car was started at 11.26. It is thought that there was at least three men involved. The girls think that they had been waiting for them to leave.

Luckily Rachael's car had a black box installed so the police have managed to not only find her car and some of the stolen items, but also work out when the car was stolen and therefore when the house was burgled.

Jade told us “It’s quite uncomfortable being in the house when you know someone has rooted through your smallest of things.” The other girls described the incident as "surreal, scary and psychologically damaging."

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They appealed for witnesses the morning after on Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange and have received one message telling them that a man had been seen checking garage doors on their street at 5pm that evening.

They are still desperately seeking any more information, saying: "The door was left wide open for 4 hours… we can’t understand how no one saw anything.”

Ellie wants to stress to students living in Jesmond to "check they have contents insurance in the tenancy agreement and to check the security of the property and the types of locks on the door." She said "everyone needs to double check they are closing windows and locking doors when they leave". She strongly suggests that if your student house doesn't have contents insurance, "look into getting it especially if there are lots of valuables in the house which you would not be able to afford to replace, it might be expensive but it is not worth the risk as we have found out".

If you have any information contact officers on 101 quoting log 132010N/18 or Crimestopppers anonymously on 08000 555 111.

Anyone with concerns about crime or disorder where they live should contact their local neighbourhood policing team on 101 ext 69191.

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Contributors: Hannah Williams