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What McDonald’s order is your Newcastle halls?

How can St Mary’s not be a Fillet o’ Fish?

Whether it's 3am and you're drunk scranning a Big Mac Meal or it's the day after and you're nursing your hangover with some chicken nugs, no one can deny their love for the golden arches. But have you ever thought about which staple menu item represents the home of your Freshers' year? We investigated and decided which McDonald's order really represents each of the Newcastle Uni halls.

Castle Leazes – Big Mac

Let's start with the King of the halls and of the Maccies menu. Castle Leazes IS the Big Mac. It's made of shite but everyone loves it. The Big Mac is mighty and a real classic. It's crap but lives up to its reputation.

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St Mary's College – Fillet o' Fish

Poor, poor, poor St Mary's. This has got to be a Fillet o' Fish – nobody really wants it and it's only chosen by those who have little or no other option. It's unwanted, shitty and people feel sorry for you when you get it.

Verde – Chicken Selects

A more spenny option for those who can afford it. It's nice and clean but comes with a hefty price tag so can only be enjoyed by those willing to fork out. Verde has a gym that you said you would use every day and actually went to once in Freshers' Week…a bit like when you say Chicken Selects are a little bit more of a healthy option – you're not kidding anyone.

Liberty Plaza – Chicken nugs meal

You're what everyone wants. A classic everyone loves and not the most expensive of them all. Good location, good people, good price.

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Kensington Terrace – McFlurry

Everyone wants it, but no one ends up getting it. With the machines always out of service, no matter how much you want it, it ain't gonna happen. And with only 99 rooms, you've got a very slim chance of getting into this admittedly amazing accommodation.

The View – Chicken Legend and Mozzerella Dippers

You go for a side too because you're popular and well above average. It feels that little bit more luxurious (and expensive) than its counterparts.

Leazes Parade – Cheeseburger

A BTEC Big Mac. It's the girl next door and the one who always tags along to the good pres over at Leazes. Still loved by many but not quite the top dog.

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Park Terrace – McChicken Sandwich

The one your Mum always goes for; the safe option, traditional and on campus. Right next to your lectures, the perfect choice for when you're hanging out of your arse and need a quick go to.

Marris house – Mayo Chicken

A low class McChicken. It's a worse version of its other half, understated but loved.

If you're halls isn't on the list, it's because you're probably not worthy of a McDonald's. You're a KFC or a Burger King. Sorry.