Everything that is bound to happen in your first term at Newcastle

Living on nothing but pasta and trebles…

Being a fresher is an 'experience' to say the least. Living on your own for the first time and being in one of the funnest cities there is, it's bound to be one of the most memorables times you'll have.

We've made a list of some of the things that will definitely happen during your first term at Newcastle:

1. Thinking you can hack the famous Newcastle trebles

Always the blue mixer.

2. Proving yourself wrong, and in turn, mastering the art of a tactical chunder before your lecture

3. Not going into the library all term and then on the week of your deadline thanking the Lord that the Robbo is 24 hours

4. Telling yourself that going out is OK as "you only need 40 per cent overall this year"

5. But then panicking about whether getting 40 per cent is feasible, and realising that it requires actual time and effort

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6. Getting pissed off that your kitchen is covered in bin juice and discovering that some people don’t know how to wash up?!

7. Letting your student cookbook get covered in dust because all you live off is Munchies and trebs

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8. Learning every drinking game under the sun

9. Starting to call it "The Toon" and hating yourself every time you say it aloud

10. Being (or knowing at least 15 people who were) lured in to being a club promoter

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Just don't. Please.

11. Scanning and scramming after promising yourself you wouldn’t

12. Rinsing your loan in the space of two weeks and really regretting buying everyone shots

Literally, what the fuck have I done?

13. And then in turn, extending the overdraft… oops

14. Having a little lonely cry because it's weird living on your own

15. Developing a strong hatred for Circuit Laundry

16. Managing to watch everything on your Netflix list to put off doing any sort of uni work

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17. Telling yourself you're going to eat healthily and be fit, but in actual fact going to the gym once

18. Realising it is physically impossible to get the portion right when making pasta for one

19. Mastering the art of removing a tag from a horrendously drunk Waikiki photo in record time.

20. Learning that heels are not a thing and going out in a jumper is totally acceptable here

21. Falling down the Soho spiral stairs at least twice

22. Wearing at least one classic freshers t-shirt on a night out

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23. Going to just "look" at houses for second year in November, but being told by the estate agents that all the good houses are already gone(???????)

24. Learning that the walls in your accommodation are really too thin

25. Paying for your Freshers' Week wristband and not attending any of the daytime events

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26. Thinking you would be the classic uni flat and creating a chunder chart

But these memories make first year, and while they're a mix of highs and lows, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else but Newcastle.

Photo Credit: Soho Rooms Newcastle.