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14 things you wish someone had told you before Freshers’ Week at Newcastle

You’re welcome.

Freshers' Week is nearly upon us and it's time someone gave you some wise advice. Whether you're a seasoned pro and about to start your third year or you're a scared little fresher, listen up.

1. Go to Freshers' Fair and actually sign up for stuff

Whether you're into sport or cocktail making or learning a new language, there's always something for everyone. Even if you go and just sign up for everything and never end up going to that sky diving class, at least you can get a load of freebies.

2. DO NOT buy a wristband

If you're proactive and can guarantee that you'll do all of the events then the £70 is probably worth it. However if you're like the majority of students then you'll probably only make it to about two of them. Save your cash, nurse your hangovers and just be selective.

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3. Keep an emergency £20 in an envelope

Nobody wants to be a Sensible Sally, but when you've spent all of your student loan and maxed out your overdraft, you'll be grateful that you can eat again.

4. Prepare yourself for the weight gain

Six nights out in a row followed by a dirty kebab and no exercise is never going to leave you in peak physical condition. Don't come to uni thinking that you can continue your kale, chia seed and yoga routine, because by the time Christmas rolls around and you've gained 12 pounds you'll be sorely disappointed. The sooner you accept it, the easier it will be.

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Kiss goodbye to your fit bod x

5. Bring a first aid kit with you

By first aid kit, we mean a tupperware that your mum packed with stuff. Paracetamol, plasters, rehydration sachets, scissors… these are all things that you will desperately need but will refuse to buy. Nobody wants to spend £1.50 on Nurofen, but your banging headache will thank you for it.

6. Don't shit where you eat

You're in a mixed flat and you're drunk every night. It's very likely that one thing will lead to another… But remember this: after you've had the night of your life with Barney, you then have to spend the rest of the year arguing about the washing up and remembering that he hasn't washed his bed sheets in five months.

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7. Always be prepared when you go to the shower

If you don't have the luxury of an en-suite bathroom then make sure that you bring everything you could need to the shower. Fire alarms are ALWAYS going off and you don't want to be that person stood outside in just your towel. You also don't want to be caught doing a naked run from your bathroom to your room because you forgot the shower gel.

8. Don't dress up for a night out

Forget what you heard – don't dress up for a night out in Newcastle. Save channelling your inner Geordie Shore for a Saturday night at House of Smith or for when you go on your first Stag do. You need to embrace your puffa jacket, slip on your favourite trainers and bin your heels.

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9. Leave the slow cooker, cereal bars and breakfast bowls at home

There is literally no need to bring healthy food with you to halls. You will live off pasta, eggs, crisps and leftover takeaway. Even if you have a shop nearby you'll just end up skipping the veg aisle and heading straight for the ready meals.

10. Go to a pres at Castle Leazes

Yes, the rumours are true, Castle Leazes is not the place to live if you want a modern en-suite with a fully functioning kitchen. But, if you're after a mad 600 strong people freshers party you definitely have to head down on one of your first nights in the Toon. You'll meet so many fellow freshers and potential new friends… and you'll be grateful for contacts later in the year when your pres become have become a little bit samey.

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11. Don't try and get a job on day one

Don't waste valuable drinking, socialising and recovering time searching for a job to boost your bank account. You will be able to get one at any time throughout the year when you're feeling a little poor – Newcastle is full of bars and shops searching for keen students. Freshers' Week should be fun, no adult behaviour allowed!

12. Don't worry about making friends in the first week

As odd as it seems, you might not make life long friends by day two. Don't make a handful of mates in the first week and then not make an effort with anyone else for the rest of the term. Odds are that you'll make your closest friends after you've settled in and you've found people that you share interests with.

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13. Head to Wetherspoons for MAJOR savings

News has broken that if you head to your nearest spoons, (we're home to four of the mighty pubs) and flash your student card, you will be gifted with a booklet of vouchers to save you up to £100! You'll find cheap pints, bargain shots and a full English for £2.69 to help you recover! What more could you really ask for?

14. Don't spend all your student loan at once

When the money drops you're sure to go crazy, refresh your wardrobe, buy all your new mates shots and order piles of Domino's Pizza, but first term is longer than you think. Lunch at Eat4Less may seem cheap at the time, but you really can't afford to eat out for every meal. By the start of November you'll look back at your once healthy purse with heaps of regret because now all you can afford for the next month is beans on toast. Don't be that guy, be sensible.

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