Newcastle BNOC of the year: Group 3

Gather round for Group 3

The final group is here, and what a group it is.. make sure that you vote so that the winner and runner up can go through to the big final next week.

DJs, Club Trop managers and flights back from Malaysia.. feast your eyes.

George Boatfield

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Year: First

Course: Journalism, Media and Culture

Reason for being a BNOC: Integrated himself into the exec of Filmsoc and Femsoc, writes three articles for The Courier every week, and took part in RAG despite being a first year

"George drinks three litres of box wine EVERY PRES, constantly scams the McDonald card machines, and it once took him an hour and a half to walk drunk from World HQ to Liberty Plaza."

Charlotte Duff

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Year: Second

Course: Biomedical Sciences

Reason for being a BNOC: Started a Just Giving page to fund her flight from Malaysia to Newcastle for the NUSCC ball

"She's so jammy that on the flight home she got a free seat upgrade and the Megabus driver personally gave her a lift to Newcastle in his car. Then when she actually arrives back in the Toon after 30+ hrs of travelling, the first place she rocks up is the Ski AGM. She got so fucked in the space of an hour that she physically couldn't make her speech, and she managed to make her 6.10am flight back to Malaysia the next morning."

Tom Nesfield

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Year: Second

Course: Chemical Engineering

Reason for being a BNOC: Current Social Sec and next year's President of Stu Brew

"Famous for his beard and his bossiness. All round good egg."

Max Haller

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Year: First

Studies: Business and Management

Reason for being a BNOC: Had a 600 person strong party

"Won Maddest Fresher of the Year because he had party at Castle Leazes where over 600 people turned up…"

Megan Ward

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Year: Second

Studies: Pharmacology

Reason for being a BNOC: Cosmic and MSA DJ

"Superstar DJ and overall legend."

Fred Castle

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Year: Second

Studies: Economics and Finance

Reason for being a BNOC: Manager at Club Trop and former King Rah of Castle Leazes

"Aka the CastMan, 6’5 ginger regularly spotted wearing a yellow bucket amongst other shit items of clothing, can’t walk to Waitrose without stopping to say hello to 30 other rahs who he knows from Turf Club / shooting / cricket / the smoking area in Swingers."

Caolán Duffy

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Year: Fourth

Studies: Medicine

Reason for being a BNOC: Works at Bar Blanc and wanders around in tweed as President of Newcastle University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club

"Despite being a fourth year Medic (i.e. fucking ancient) – he is often found in Soho/Flares sharking freshers and throwing shapes. Is basically a walking Irish stereotype/advert for why people should drink responsibly "

Liam McCann

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Year: Second

Studies: Chemistry

Reason for being a BNOC: Social Sec of Snooker and Pool and has a chicken nugget tattoo

"Liam got robbed by Polish strippers, lost his virginity in a three-way, drinks a pint of gravy if Everton win and has an excellent Instagram dedicated to his favourite 'food' combo (@HamandColeslaw)"

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