Jesmond burglar steals third year’s car keys and car whilst she was in the house

They’ve had their locks changed

A third year's house in Jesmond was broken into on Monday, with her car keys and car being stolen.

Third year psychology student, Chloe Doy, is now car-less after the thief climbed through a first floor window, stole the set of keys from the kitchen table and drove away with her 2017 reg Vauxhall Corsa Sting.

In a post on Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange, Chloe warned other Jesmond residents. She wrote: "A word of advice in this sunny weather for people in the Jesmond area, keep your windows SHUT AND LOCKED unless you are in the room. Me and my flat mates were in the living room last night and someone came through our back window (which was shut and a second floor window) grabbed my car keys off the kitchen table and stole my car."

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The robbery is thought to have taken place between 10pm and midnight whilst Chloe, her boyfriend and four others were in the house. They were in the living room at the time and realised at around 1am.

The burglar entered through the first floor kitchen window. Chloe believes it was a pre-meditated robbery and they changed their plans when they heard that people were in the house and just went for anything they could find in the kitchen.

After leaving the house, the robber drove the car to McDonald's and tried to use Chloe’s bank card.

Chloe told The Tab Newcastle: "Students need to lock all windows no matter what floor they are on, even if they are in the house. It barely seems safe to have your windows unlocked even in 20 degree heat."

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Flatmate Harriet said: "I wish I'd seen the person breaking in because I'm a rugby player."

Katie told The Tab: "I had to take the day off work to be in the house to help with lock changes. I didn't dare go to bed that night."

There is currently an ongoing police investigation into the case.

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