Why Fever in Nuneaton is the best worst hometown club in the UK

#FeverThursday. Need I say any more?

Nuneaton is a shithole. Let's not deny the truth here. But why is it, that we all secretly love a reunion in 'Feevs' when we're all home from uni?

And being in Nuneaton, you need to embrace any nightclub you can because the Felix Holt 'Spoons really won't cut it for a bev and a catchup.

£1 'J Bombs'…

Emphasis on the 'J'… Are they proper Jäger? Are they legit? Probably not but no-one can deny that on that Fever Thursday you and your pals will inevitably order 10 and down them all at the bar. For £1 you can't go wrong can you? And best believe there is that one friend that has maxed out their overdraft while being at uni and will make you all be inside for 11pm to make the 99p drinks deals. Being in the club that early at home is a bit tragic but with the cheap drinks it's a bonus. Every cloud has a silver lining and all.

Main room? Kukui? Or Cheesy? Who knows where you'll end up?

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One nightclub with three rooms, triple the Nunny fun for the price of one…

Take a shot every time you hear a terrible Jason Derulo song in main room and you'd be drunk in no time. I mean, they have to cater for the masses…

Kukui is where you will hear your classic Drake tunes and it's great, but bare in mind you have to prepare yourself to manouvre round the people who have used their mum's money to hire a booth and will spend their whole night posing with their bottles of Smirnoff.

Cheesy room is literally that; ultimate cheese. The DJ will play you All Star by Smash Mouth followed by the Grease soundtrack. The best way to enjoy the cheesy room is to not act cool, neck your drink and accept that this is where your friends will want to stay all night (and you low-key don't mind).

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The classic Thursday text in the group chat.

You'll bump into anyone and everyone

Being in Fever, with it being the only nightclub in town, means you will 100% bump into the girl you sat next to in year nine English lessons, and it will be like you haven't not seen her at all. You'll drunkly exhange life updates and it'll probably be the best conversation ever.

You'll also bump into someone who you met once at a random Year 11 house party and for some reason being drunk and being in Fever means you will definitely stand and talk to them as if they were your best pal. It's not like uni where you'll be out with all the randomers from the opposing uni's, you will definitely see everyone that you have ever met in your life in Fever.

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But we all low-key love it.

As much as we all love to hate Fever, it's cheap, in the centre of town and really is a funny night out.

Going out with your pals from home is a laugh and while Nuneaton isn't the best place ever, don't knock a cheeky 'Feevs' till you've been. It is what you make of it.

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Photo Credit: Fever Clubrooms Nuneaton and On Pointe Photography.