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Nominations are now open for Newcastle’s BNOC of the Year 2018

Are you the next Big Name on Campus?

Do you know someone who is an absolute 10/10 legend and strolls around campus like they’re the dog’s bollocks? Do they desperately crave acknowledgement of their high-and-mighty status? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve had Fittest Fresher and Best Bums, but these titles are nothing compared to being crowned Newcastle’s BNOC of 2018. We want to combine all of these accomplishments and more to find the one and only.

The top 10 nominations will be published so that you can get voting, and ultimately waste a good 10 minutes in the library. The nominee with the most votes will receive the grand title of BNOC of 2018 – definitely something that you can pop on your CV.

Which legend paid for this legend?

Who can I nominate?
Anyone and everyone that you think is worthy. Your mate who goes out seven times a week and only sleeps for two hours a night, the Agric who hasn’t missed a Flares Wednesday in three years, the fool who wrote their 10,000 word diss in 15 hours or even your pal who has wild sex parties. Just make sure they’re a current student, and not just someone who’s clinging on.

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Why should I nominate?
Why would you want anyone to miss out on an excellent opportunity like this?
How do I nominate?
Just fill out the Google Form below. Alternatively, just email us on [email protected] with the following info:

1) Name

2) Subject and Year

3)Reason for their new-found fame

4) (Optional) Highly entertaining fact/anecdote about them

Go forth and vote!

Feature photo credit: Chris Gray

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