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Newcastle students are given £1,000 for being good neighbours

Goody two shoes


Six Newcastle University students have been awarded £1,000 for being well-behaved neighbours and all-round good boys. The resident who nominated them claims that they're the best student neighbours she has had in 40 years.

The money comes from a scheme run by the university, and locals can nominate students for doing jobs such as keeping the streets clean, taking in neighbours' bins and being all round good eggs.

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Oscar Simons is one of the boys who lives in the house:

"We were just being part of the community – chatting to them when we see them etc. We were just doing things that we thought were normal and have now been given a grand and gone on the radio. A bit like the Kardashians – famous for nothing.

A few of us went skiing so we used that to help us with the expenses. Others have used it for just helping with their uni overdrafts and that.. we're not using it for a party!

We'd like to say thanks to the uni for the money and that we feel this is a great idea to encourage students to be part of the community they're living in."

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The university are still running the scheme, so make sure you become the best neighbour you can be so that you and your house can get your hands on some cash AND help the community.