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Best things to do in Newcastle when it’s sunny

A list of ways to procrastinate and ignore all of your responsibilities


The sun is going to be coming out for three GLORIOUS days, and you're probably planning on basking in the sun in a beer garden and sipping a Bulmers. And although the rain is going to return and your deadlines are ever-looming, now seems like the perfect time to find out the best ways to enjoy Newcastle in the sunshine.

Sit in a beer garden with your pals

Sack off the library and those afternoon lectures, and get yourself down to a beer garden. If you can be bothered to push your way through the queues at Blanc then treat yourself to something off their new fancy cocktail menu, or even just head on down to Wetherspoons on the Quayside. There's literally no better way to spend your Thursday afternoons.

Go to Exhibition Park for a picnic

Loans have just come in, and what are they there for??? Buying an all-you-can-eat buffet at M&S, that's what. Work your way through the cocktail sausages and posh crisps, and then go and lounge around in Exhibition Park. If you're feeling particularly annoying, why don't you bring your speakers so you can guarantee that you'll frustrate the rest of the general public.

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Go for a stroll in Jesmond Dene

If your Instagram has been lacking in quality content recently, then now is definitely the time to spice it up. The Dene is always pretty, but the sun makes it even better. If you're feeling particularly flush then drop in at Jesmond Dene House for a drink and sit in their beer garden.

Have a BBQ in bin alley

Although those streets at the back of house are technically reserved for bins and cars, the sun coming out definitely means that you can sit and cook some sausages. Make sure you go to Tesco extra early in the morning to gather supplies (the rest of Jesmond will have exactly the same idea as you), make yourself a BBQ and put it on your Snapchat.

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Make use of friends with terraces or walls

Why would you want to sit in the bin alley when you can climb up on a wall or lounge about on a terrace?! Logically you get a better tan if you're closer to the sun, so scramble up on to your wall, bring some bevs and play your music extra loud to annoy all of your neighbours.

Visit Tynemouth or Whitley Bay

Just a few stops on the Metro, it would seem wrong not to embrace the weather and go to the beach. Either treat yourself to posh fish and chips at Riley's Fish Shack, or go for the more standard scampi and a wander along the beach. Plus, if you scrape together all the spare change that's fallen behind the back of the sofa then you can visit the amusements at Whitley Bay.

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Quayside beach

If you fancy a quick break from the library or you just can't be bothered to get on the Metro then get yourself down to the Quayside beach. Basically exactly the same as the real thing, you can sit in a deckchair, build a sandcastle and gaze into the murky waters of The Tyne. And even better, if you get a bit thirsty you can walk two minutes down the road and grab a drink at Pitcher & Piano.

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So go wild and have fun in the sun, but make sure you remember your sun cream!!!