The seven things you have learnt so far as a fresher at Newcastle University

RIP to your bank and liver

Whether you took it too far on your first night in Newcastle and got kicked out of Digi, or you fell down the Soho stairs after too many trebs, we have all had some amazing experiences being a first year. So here is a list of things you should have learnt being a fresher in the Toon.

1. How did you survive before uni without trebs?

When you’re on a night out at home after living in Newcastle for a couple of months, you really do realise that the North has it good for cheap drinks. You seem to forget at home, trebs aren’t a thing and a fiver will only just scrape you a single vodka and mixer. And that's when you realise to stop going deeper into the overdraft, you have to pre drink as if you’re drinking for the first time in your life. Get me back to Soho!

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2. Loving your halls choice no matter what

Getting your accommodation choice on results day seems great if you got The View because it means for a year you're guaranteed hotel style living. But if you open that e-mail to see Castle Leazes, you've taken one for the team and really are 'roughing it' for the next year. You'll also learn anyone who lives in Leazes will defend it to the death (even if they hated living there).

But wherever you end up staying there will always be pre-drinks, noise and people above you who don’t realise how thin the walls are. So don’t be that person to put in your accommodation chat “can the flat above please be quiet guys, I have a 11am seminar xx”. It’s an 11am, come on now.

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3. Freshers’ Week is the weirdest week ever

So everyone agrees to buy a Freshers’ Week wristband for around £50 before you move to uni, but it was pointless because you’re way too hungover to attend the day time events.

Not to mention this whole week is basically getting drunk with people you don’t know, which in theory sounds like a great concept but at the same time it’s kinda odd.

Freshers' Week is the first time you realise Newcastle vs Northumbria is actually a thing. A serious thing. Events like 'Poly vs Posh' really show how into it people get. Chanting "your dad works for my dad" with however many other Newcastle students really isn't one of your proudest moments (in fact you feel like a total twat), but you reassure yourself this is totally 'taking part' which is what everyone emphasised you to do when you moved to uni, right?

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4. You only need 40 per cent to pass first year

New drinking game: Take a shot every time your friends/flatmates have said “you only need 40 per cent to pass first year.” Basically as soon as you’re not coming out, your pals all turn into motivational speakers and won’t take no for an answer. Next thing you know you’re in the Sinners cage having the time of your life, wondering why you can never resist a night out in the Toon.

5. Avoiding Flares unless you’re really drunk

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Bit controversial because you either love Flares or really fucking despise it, but Flares always seems to be full of older men and hen parties and unless you’re steaming, it’s just a bit odd really. Once you’ve all had a drink and you can’t see straight then perfect, you can see past its flaws and get yourself on that multi-coloured dance floor ASAP.

6. Everyone and their mum are club promoters

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If you're in any university group chat understand at least one or two of those in that chat will be sending messages or posting "message me for guest list". At first, you didn't even understand what a guest list for a club was but now apparently if you're out you need to be on one. Expect the chat notifications to be going off all the time.

7. Fancy dress is a more regular thing than you would think

Whether you are part of a society and it's a social night out, or if it's a bunch of women on a hen night, every night out in Newcastle you go on there will be a group of people in fancy dress.

You come to find it's normal here, and Halloween at uni is serious business in Newcastle, meaning you and your friends need to literally 'dress to impress.' Being drunk in fancy dress is funnier than you would imagine too. Seeing a Smurf getting kicked out while seeing Where's Wally arguing with a bouncer is priceless and hilarious (yet quite confusing).

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The city itself has so much to offer, you can jump on the Metro and be at the beach in no time at all, the cheap drinks are a winner and the times you have had in first year have taught you that Newcastle University really is the best. Roll on second year!

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Photo Credit: Chris Gray (Soho Rooms).