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It’s finally happening: Castle Leazes is set to be demolished in 2019

No one will move in this September

The infamous Castle Leazes halls are to be knocked down in 2019.

It is not an unknown fact that the buildings are very old, but Newcastle University have now made the decision to finally end the days of freshers sharing a bathroom with eight others and knock it all down and start again.

No 2018/19 freshers will be allocated Leazes next year, and well known buildings such as Bayles, Crastor and Castle Court will be left empty until the demolition begins.

Leazes will no longer be home of the rahs or the 600 people strong courtyard parties, and another halls is going to have to take over the reputation of being most sociable.

Jamie, third year, and ex-resident of Castle Leazes told The Tab: "This news is devastating. First it was Ricky and now Leazes. Everyone may have pissed in their sinks but it was still home. RIP."

Check the date…Happy April Fools.