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A petition has been made to protect Newcastle students crossing on Wellington Street

Urgent safety measures needed

If you're a regular in the Urban Sciences building, the Business School or live in Verde or Liberty Plaza, you're probably familiar with Wellington Street.

It's a busy road with many cars, taxis and lorries passing down at all times of day, making it a potentially lethal crossing for students.

Ronnie Reid, President of the Students' Union, has started this petition to the Newcastle City Council to protect Newcastle students crossing the street.

There is evidence to prove the danger of the crossing, as well as students sharing their anecdotes on near misses with cars when trying to get to lectures. Many students feel unsafe when crossing Wellington Street, leading to them feeling on edge and nervous in the very place they should feel the safest, at uni.

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Since the recent opening of the Urban Sciences building, there has been a huge increase in students crossing to get to their lectures, currently estimated at four thousand a day which will grow in years to come. Vehicles have even been recorded speeding down the street at highs of 60mph.

Just because Wellington Street is off campus, why do the same safety restrictions not apply?

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Ronnie Reid says: "By signing this petition, you can make sure that Newcastle University students in the present and future will be protected when going about their daily studies."

There are urgent safety measures needed to stop this accident waiting to happen. The Students' Union and the University both say that students are in danger when crossing.

Sign the petition here to make sure that our students are protected.