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NUSU Elections 2018: Meet your Editor of The Courier candidates

It’s the time of year again

The NUSU elections have come around again, so get ready to have to wade through all the leaflets when you're walking through uni.

So you don't have to do any actual work yourself, we've listed all the candidates for the position of Editor of The Courier. Read their manifestos, gaze upon their posters and revel in their campaign videos.

Louise Hall

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Here it is! The product of one very cold afternoon on campus and some very dedicated friends, aka my campaign video!I hope you enjoy, and consider voting Louise #1 Editor when voting opens on MONDAY at 12pm at Big thanks to Joe for helping x

Posted by Louise Hall on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Manifesto pledges:

More inclusion

More socials

More online promotion

More representation

More interactive features in the paper

Why do you want to be editor and what can you do for students?

"Being involved in student media is a great experience and a valuable opportunity to learn new skills, and I know I can make this experience more accessible for students. I want to get more people involved in student media, in both the reading and creation of the paper. By adding new workshops, events and socials student media will become more inclusive. And with more online articles, redesigned space for representation of societies and new features I believe I can make the paper more engaging for readers. I have been passionate about The Courier throughout the entirety of my degree, and I’d love the chance to share this enthusiasm with students in the role of Editor throughout the next academic year."

Read Louise's full manifesto here.

Dan Haygarth

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Haygarth for Courier Editor

Shoddy acting, first class editing: a short film definitely not in contention at this year's Oscars.From 5th-8th March, vote Dan Haygarth #1 for Courier Editor.Polls open 12pm Monday, go to and #backthebeard

Posted by Dan Haygarth for Courier Editor on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Manifesto pledges:

A newspaper that holds the University to account

Engagement with societies

Increased intra mural coverage

Two pages of puzzles

Proper student representation

Why do you want to be editor and what can you do for students?

"With tuition fees as high as they've ever been and seemingly only increasing, the need for a strong student voice is most pressing. The Courier, under my editorship, would hold the university to account and would be a powerful voice for all students, regardless of background."

Read Dan's full manifesto here.

Jaymelousie Hudspith

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Manifesto Pledges:

Make it easier for people to get involved

Increase collaboration between The Courier, NSR and NUTV

Improve and increase online involvement

Have more social events

Have feedbacks and workshops

Why do you want to be editor and what can you do for students?

"I want to be your Editor as it would kick start a career I’ve been working towards for years. It’s my passion, it’s a chance to learn and challenge myself to make The Courier a better source of all things student relate, inclusive and an opportunity for everyone. I want to use my skills to create a newspaper that reflects you, your wants and needs."

Read Jaymelouise's full manifesto here.

Mark Sleightholm

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Vote Mark Sleightholm for Courier Editor

I believe I can be a great editor of the Courier, but I'll only get the chance if you help #gettheballrolling by voting Mark Sleightholm as your #1 choice!Please share as widely as you dare. Voting is open from 5-8 March at

Posted by Mark Sleightholm for editor of the Courier on Friday, March 2, 2018

Manifesto Pledges

Improve participation

Invest in the online site and social media more

Concentrate on distribution so that the paper copies are easier to find

Work more with student media at other universities.

Continue expanding our live coverage of events and write more about the things that students care about

Why do you want to be editor and what can you do for students?

"The Courier’s been a massive part of my time at uni and I’m passionate about making the paper the best it can be. Student media means different things to different people – a volunteering opportunity, skills development, a good laugh, a way to make friends or just something to do on a rainy Friday afternoon, and I believe that I’m the best candidate to balance all of these aims and give students the excellent student media they deserve."

Read Mark's full manifesto here.

Voting opened on today at 12pm here.