All the things Newcastle students really should have given up for Lent

40 days without trebs?!

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Another year's come around meaning another opportunity to try and fail at Lent. A night without Soho, trebs, drunk texting your ex and scranning on Greggs on the way home would be ideal to give up, but realistically it's never going to happen.

1. Soho

Every night you promise yourself you won’t end up in that one same club but time and time again somehow there you are. And of course, we’re talking about Soho, I mean where else? Is it the free entry, the cheap trebs or Floho's cheesy music? Who knows but the Soho addiction is real and certainly needs to be cleansed.

2. Skipping uni

This is never a good idea. Never. No matter how hanging you are, how much you can’t be bothered, if you’re catching up on lectures you’ve already missed or maybe even if there’s someone lying next to you in the morning that really shouldn’t be, you should always attend your lectures and especially your seminars, the hassle of recapping is just too long and will only lead to further fomo (see number 5).

3. Trying to be edgy

Buying a puffa jacket and wearing it to Swinger’s does not make you edgy. Neither does piercing your nose and not brushing your hair for three days. But something happens when you come to Newcastle Uni and you’re surrounded by rahs, slowly but surely you’ll notice not only yourself but your friends changing, but is it for the better or worse?

4. Greggs

When there’s 31 Greggs in Newcastle it’s extremely difficult to resist. And yes, we all know that Greggs is very tasty but it’s also undeniably unnecessary spending and not to mention unhealthy. You know you have food at home but instead you get a steak bake and sausage roll on the way home from Uni and leave yourself questioning why you spent that £40 in Aldi only to not actually use any of the food.

5. Fomo

One of the main reasons you never end up actually doing work at Uni is because every time you nearly do, one of your mates comes out with that dangerous question “we going out tonight?” and all that reading you had planned goes to shit! It’s not even just in terms of nights out either, the fear of missing out can even hit when you’re sitting in your room alone and all you can hear is your housemates having a laugh in the lounge, guaranteed no work will get done.

6. Trebs

Nothing good ever comes from trebs, when you’re putting that amount of vodka in your body you’re pretty much asking for disasters, questionable decisions and bad hangovers the next day. Although it’s Newcastle’s trademark and a good deal at that, giving them up for 40 days would probably be beneficial for not only your bank account and health, but your sanity too.

7. Drunk texting

Everyone does it, it’s just a given part of the night when you unlock your phone, go on the Snapchat app and message all the people you really shouldn’t. Even worse when you not only message but ring that one boy you’ve been promising your friends you'll never speak to again in your life. Let’s all collectively come together and vow to stop forever (never, ever going to happen).

Photo credit: Chris Gray Photography (Soho Rooms), Aaron Shaquille Carlton (Swingers)