Every reason why Acca in Halifax is the best worst hometown club in the UK

Who can resist when there’s 75p drinks?

The Acapulco Club is undoubtedly the holy grail of Halifax. Forget the Eureka museum, you'll find out everything you need to know about the depths of human civilisation on 3 Waterhouse Street.

The Acapulco, or "Acca" as it is more commonly known, is famous among the people of Yorkshire. Its profound cultural significance is embedded in the fact that it has literally been around for generations, first opening its doors in 1962.

Alongside its intergenerational appeal, there are many other factors which make Acca the uniquely terrible yet wonderful club it is today.

Here is why The Acapulco is without a doubt the best worst hometown club in the UK.

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75p Drinks

This has to be one of Acca's best trademarks, and is one of the best drinks deals around. You can go in with a tenner and pay for entry and get a few rounds of VK. Opting for 75p drinks is the most common and favourable approach, however if you're feeling brave you can splash out. Get a colourful traffic light shot for £3 or even the Acca Shot for £6, with a black sambuca base (eight shots in one, and guaranteed to make you chun!)

With the fantastic drinks prices, it's inevitable that a trip to Acca will get you absolutely slaughtered for relatively little cash.

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A rite of passage

It's grand design

The club is carpeted head to toe, with the exception being the flashing dance floor. UV light shines throughout the club, and there are conveniently mirrors everywhere to constantly remind you of how drunk you are at every angle. The bar space is rather impressive, with two bars either side of the dance floor and two more upstairs.

The need to supply the demands of the drunken masses is one Acca takes seriously. Depending on your mood (and level of intoxication), you can either sit and chill in a booth, or take a crack at the strip pole. Acca caters to the needs of every demographic, pleasing everyone from rowdy hen parties to groups of sixth form lads reeking of Lynx. There really is something for everyone.

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The best smoking area in the world

Whilst the interior is pretty impressive, the real piece-de-resistance is the massive smoking area. Let's face it, most of our night at Acca is spent outside. Floored with astroturf and complete with bamboo fencing, the Acca smoking area has a real essence of the Acapulco Beach Resort in Mexico, after which the club is named.

The outdoor space seems to stretch for miles, with enough tables and seating to fit the whole world and its mother. The smoking area is the perfect place to take a break from the hot and sweaty indoors and have an audible conversation with your mates, cop a cig off someone you've never met, and strawpedo as many VKs as possible.

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As Snapchat geofilters go, this one's charming

Free merch!!

At a certain point in the night, there is a truly magical, unmissable, almost celestial sight. Mere mortals gather on the dance floor whilst the DJ, suspended on the balcony above them like a God, throws down an offering of free T-shirts to the people. Catching a T-shirt is arguably more uplifting than catching the bouquet at any wedding. And let's face it, who needs the promise of marriage when you already have the commitment to the Acca burning with passion in your heart?

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They were up all night thinking of that one…

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Oh, and they sometimes give out caps too

Familiar faces

Going to the Acca is like coming home. You long for it all year round, and it never disappoints. There's always the chance you'll see at least one person you know, but if not, just look out for the regulars. One of the venue's most famous faces belongs to Raymond, a guy who has graced The Acapulco since the dawn of time. Yep, you know exactly who he is.

It's safe to say that experiencing Acca at least once should be on everyone's bucket list. With its unique charm that keeps it close to our hearts, we can always rely on Acca to provide us with a fantastic night.