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What your Robbo floor says about YOU as a Newcastle student

The best library in Newcastle


For those of you who go everyday, the Robbo is your beloved home and for you freshers, one day it will become your destiny. If you're a Marj dweller, don't bother reading this. Whilst the Marj's Snapchat location filters screen "Team Northumbria", the Robbo's reek of splendour. Stay faithful.

Whichever floor you choose to reside on in The Robbo is completely up to you, however it does say a lot about your personality. Here is a guide to each floor in the library, and we bet you will notice some familiar habits from each one…

Level 1 – Hopeful

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The number of people sat on the floor tells you immediately that there are no seats anywhere. It is peak exam and deadline time, the Robbo is completely full. What is worse – every laptop that you walk past is streaming the latest Netflix addition that is Friends. You have come at 1pm, when 5am would have realistically allowed you a seat. Now you must brave this unknown territory and explore Level 1.

Level 2 – Completely disorientated

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You have absolutely no idea what you are doing or why you are even here. You have work to do, but where to start? You will most likely be wandering around second floor – trying to find friends in the Café or at the sofas. If you need a little cry, your friends are here to wipe away your tears and cope with your meltdowns. This will, however, not motivate you and you will continue to get absolutely no work done. At least you are the social butterflies of the library.

Level 3 – Unorganised

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You may be in silent study, but this is not because you are on top of your work. You are most likely a second year who has been lulled into a false sense of security from the "don't worry it, it doesn't count" mind-set of first year. You now have 24 hours to write 2,000 words and an all-nighter is ahead of you. You have probably just moved to Jesmond and are showing off your Alice Bands and Puffas in all an array of colours. We bet you have enough money to buy a Pret everyday for lunch and you sip on your protein shakes whilst your hoops are swingin'.

Level 4 – Sensible

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Most of us have never seen Level 4, this is serious territory. These people mean business and are dedicated to the workload. It is home of third years and postgrads, and you want to do everything you can to keep on top of your study. You fourth floorers are the ones who will be running the country in ten years time and the rest of us don't want to distract you from carrying out your duty. In fact, we salute you for doing what we wish we had the mind-set to do. You old timers would not dare spend money in the over priced library Café, you bring packed lunch in every-day without fail.

So whichever floor you are, and whether you are a combination of a few- we can all agree that the Robbo provides the perfect hostel for us all, day and night. It is always there right when we need it, even if it is just a stop off to warm up after a night out on the way home to Jesmond.