Newcastle UberEats are officially trialling Greggs delivery

Stop what you’re doing right now!!

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As if you needed another reason to love Newcastle, Greggs have just tweeted that they are trialling UberEats in The Toon! As well as holding the grand old title of 'Greggs Capital of Great Britain', you can get yourself a Chicken Bake whenever you damn well please.

Greggs are offering deals on UberEats such as 'Bake and Drink Deal' for £2.60, 'Sandwich Meal Deal for Four' for £14.00 and an ALL DAY BREAKFAST WRAP for £3.00. Being hungover has never looked so good.

Third-year Jenny said: "This is a great, great day for Newcastle. I can't wait for that big, greasy sausage roll to be delivered to my bed."

So download UberEats now and kiss goodbye to waiting five minutes for your pizza to be freshly baked.