All the things we miss about Newcastle over the Christmas holidays

How are we coping without them trebs?

It is now the Christmas holidays and that means being back home with all our family and hometown friends, which also means no more three for a fiver deals, no Fat Hippo and no more Osborne Road. What will we do without our happy hour deals?

All the trebles and decent nights out

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Seeing as Newcastle is the home of the treble it's pretty obvious that we are going to miss our favourite drink and the deals that come with it. Being back home means expensive drinks, the pathetic single shot of vodka with coke, less clubs and half decent music. Get us back to our treble deals in the Toon and we'll be happy.

The Metro

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A lot of us come from places where public transport is non-existent. Back where I'm from you have to wait an hour for a bus to then find out you've missed it. So, I think the majority of us aren't enjoying the fact transport doesn't compare to Newcastle's and a ticket costs an arm and a leg.

Being in walking distance of everything

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The Tesco Metro and convenient corner shop aren't just round the corner anymore. For the majority of us, we will have to rely on what our parents have in the fridge unless you want to take a 30 minute walk into town to go to the local Sainsbury's, which is just way too far. We won't be in a five mile radius of everyone else anymore either which means no more gatecrashing pre-drinks or a spontaneous games night.

Cheap food and drinks

If you live in London I'm sorry, we all know food and drinks are anything but cheap in our capital but London isn't the only place in the UK that is highly overpriced. Try living in a little market town where a single vodka and lemonade costs nearly £5 and to get an average meal you'll be spending above £8 with no chance of a student discount. Where are the happy hour deals? What will we do without an Eat4Less?

The Christmas market

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This year Newcastle has done well with the Christmas market; especially for us foodies out there. The Christmas market has so many different stalls and you can easily find something you like. But for us who don't live in Newcastle we don't have such a luxury as churros, mulled wine and hot chocolate stalls, instead we have a Christmas market that consists of five stalls and a Christmas tree that the drunkest folk try to climb on New Years Eve.


Unless your lucky enough to have a Wetherspoons nearby in your home town a lot of us will be missing out on their bangin' breakfasts for a few weeks until we are back, which means there are going to be a lot of us experiencing withdrawals this Christmas.

Osborne Road

For those living in West Jes and Jesmond you are the lucky ones who are minutes away from Osborne Road, where all the best student bars are. No more happy hour deals and being in a five miles radius of all your friends. Instead you'll be stuck with all your family members, in one house with no means of escape. Unless you're lucky enough to have a car to drive to the pub and then you can't even drink anyway. Either way, it's useless.


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Those beautifully lined terraced houses with the cosy sitting rooms, the Tesco Metro, Osborne Road, the student deals and all the weekly pub quizzes. How are we coping without being able to walk from one pub to the next in a matter of seconds?

There may be many aspects of Newcastle we'll be missing until the New Year but I don't think we are be missing those nine o'clock morning lectures.

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