The largest inflatable theme park in the country is coming to Newcastle

It’s called InflataSpace

Have you ever wanted to bounce on a huge inflatable course with your friends? Have you ever wanted a break from revision to relive your childhood bouncy-castle memories? Of course you have!

There is a new, space-themed inflatable park InflataSpace opening in Newcastle upon Tyne this February and by the looks of things, it should be amazing. Not only is it situated in the city centre by Walkergate Metro (ideal for first years living in halls such as Manor Bank, Liberty Central and Liberty Quay), but an inflatable park is an amazing alternative day out to the typical loitering around Osborne Road.

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Some of the features planned for this inflatable park include: inflatable sumo wrestling rings, huge inflatable planets, gladiator battle podiums and rocket slides.

The owner of the park, Stuart Freeman, told The Chronicle: “We are extremely excited to bring the first inflatable theme park to the North East, it is only the second in the county and completely different to our other experiences. We’ve had a blast planning all of the activities, it really is going to be out of this world.”

Definitely worth looking out for in the New Year.