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Meet Sarah Chadwick: Newcastle’s Fittest Female Fresher 2017

Is fittest fresher still going on?!

With days getting shorter and the first term of the year drawing to a close, it is FINALLY time to announce the Fittest Female Fresher of 2017.

It's cold outside and we could all do with a little bit of fiiiiiire to heat up our days. No problem folks, as we proudly present to you, our hot and almighty winner of Newcastle's Fittest Fresher 2017…Sarah Chadwick.

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Sarah soared into first place with 30% of the final votes, and lads you're in luck because she "couldn't be more single."

When asked by The Tab Newcastle how she felt about her win, the hot totty proclaimed: "Winner winner Christmas dinner, thanks guys, this is going straight to the top of the CV." She is at Northumbria, so that's to be expected really….

In a close second place with 23% of the remaining votes is Leicester lass Lucy Ramsey.

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A close runner up, but not to worry, being crowned the second fittest gal in Newcastle isn't anything to be ashamed of.

When awarded her ribbon, Lucy told The Tab: "Well, I'm ready to drop out of uni now – catch me on page three." After finding out who beat her, she added "She goes to Northumbria, is that even allowed? Do you even go here?"

We LOVE a bit of posh v poly rivalry. Put your claws away Luce, no one likes a sore loser….

Well, there we have it. Newcastle's finest fitties…get ready for the Facebook adds to come flying in gals.