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We tried Newcastle’s first Unicorn Hot Chocolate and it was AMAZING

Everyone’s going crazy for it

On the day that it snowed in Newcastle and got everyone feeling FAF (festive as fuck), we went down to sample Newcastle's new biggest craze: Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

Sold by the Pop-Up Cafe, R Place, at Hadrian's Tipi the Unicorn Hot Chocolates are popping off. Surrounded by mulled wine and fairy lights, the setting has never been more Christmasy. And the hot choc is the perfect way to get those festive feels and warm yourselves in this snowy weather.

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The Unicorn Hot Chocolate is a white hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, edible glitter and unicorn sprinkles with PINK milk. PINK!!!!

It's sweet and sugary and all things nice. The drink costs £3 and you can get many other funky flavours from R Place, such as Smore hot chocolates.

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R Place has been opened for just over a month and have had amazing feedback. The variety of flavours that R Place offers has gone down a storm and the Unicorn Hot Chocolate has been extremely popular.

Emily and Rachel, who own R Place, told The Tab: "We want to expand our menu to have some food options on with a more grab and go feel. The main goal would be to open a few shops around major hot spots around the North East."

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Just as Unicorns have taken social media by storm, so have these Instagramable hot chocs. Don't miss out on this festive fix before heading home for Christmas, it really is delicious.