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Munchies officially voted Newcastle’s best takeaway


With just under 400 votes it comes as no surprise that Munchies has been voted, by its adoring fans, the best takeaway in Newcastle. With a HUGE landslide victory of 215 votes Munchies soars above the rest to secure first place. Munchies held 56% of the voting, whilst second place Magic Flame received 24% and third place Ameens 6% of the votes.

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After a night out in town this Bigg Market kebaby is the best place to head for the grease to settle your stomach (or not) after a night in the Toon. Whether you order cheesy chips and gravy or chicken wraps with chips inside, it's the best place to get your late night scran.

There’s also the guaranteed entertainment factor with the punch bag game, lads competing to be the henchest and get the highest score. In Munchies it'll be the busiest 10 minutes of the night but so worth it when you’ve got your carb feast to keep you warm on the long walk home.

Here are the full results:

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