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We asked Newcastle students for their best A&E horror stories

One person broke both their hands on the Soho stairs

Newcastle is famous for its fantastic student experience. With its amazing nightlife and high rates of student satisfaction, life in the Toon is pretty great. However, accidents do happen, and trips to A&E are surprisingly common. Some of these experiences are more serious than others, but some of them are almost too ridiculous to be true. Here are six crazy stories of Newcastle students in A&E.

The third year who lost half an ear

Third year student Polly Allen had a particularly unfortunate experience this year on Halloween. Dressed as an alien, Polly headed to a Jesmond house party after a night out with her mates. She thought the night was just getting started, and it was, just not in the way she'd hoped.

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The night started out well for Polly (left)

Whilst at the party, Polly's boyfriend got her in a fireman's lift. She smacked her head on a radiator which resulted in half her right ear being sliced off as well as her tooth being knocked out. She was taken to hospital where the doctors stitched up her ear and gave her a bandage.

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The blood was very real

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If there's ever a time to feel sorry for yourself, it's when you've lost half your ear and front tooth. However, throughout the traumatic ordeal, Polly mostly remained in good spirits, documenting her experience via Snapchat. Her ear may never be the same again, but it's a hell of a story to tell.

The hot dog who split his head open

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Adam sporting his fabulous hot dog costume

In 2016, Halloween claimed another victim: third year student Adam Mahmood. Adam was dancing on a bench with a friend (trying to make a guy she liked jealous), when he fell off and split his head open. Whilst his wing-manning efforts paid off, they sadly came at a cost.

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"There was way more blood than that I promise…"

Still wearing his costume, he was taken to A&E, which would no doubt have been highly amusing for the hospital staff. Adam had some stitches and was absolutely fine, and has kept the costume as a reminder of his most memorable Halloween yet.

The fresher who had only been in Newcastle for four hours before heading to A&E

First year student Georgia Corbett had a particularly unique experience in that she had actually only been in Newcastle for four hours when she landed herself in A&E. Georgia arrived in Newcastle full of optimism, ready to immerse herself into student life. She got off the plane from Ireland and went straight to her halls, unpacked and started drinking with her new flatmates.

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Pre-accident pic: Everything was going fine

However, it was when she arrived at Rebel that things took a bad turn. Whilst dancing, she fell over and shattered her wrist. She was whisked away to A&E, where she was told she needed an operation. A week later, Georgia had surgery and was given a very funky cast.

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Georgia post-op

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Subtle was clearly not an option for the doctor who bandaged up her arm

Despite this all but smooth start to Freshers' Week, Georgia didn't let the injury crush her spirit, and she continued to go out and enjoy herself. A few months on, Georgia's arm is healing well. Her surgery scars have faded, but we guarantee that this experience will stay with her forever.

The second year who dislocated his jaw over a Meatball Sub

This case was not due to drunken activity but it's definitely worthy of a mention. Last year, second year student Chris Wilkinson was about to tuck into a lovely homemade meatball sub when his jaw dislocated. He started drooling uncontrollably, and he didn't seem too fazed at first, finding the whole thing funny. His flatmates shared his chilled out attitude, Snapchatting the whole experience.

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The snapchats speak for themselves

Chris had dislocated his jaw before, so he remained calm and tried to pop it back in. However, when his attempts failed, he decided to go to A&E. Upon arrival, Chris was given a paper cup to contain his drool (delightful…) whilst his flatmate gave his details to the staff. As you can imagine, Chris couldn't articulate himself very well. When he was seen by the doctor, she cracked his jaw back into place and gave him a very flattering bandage.

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Happy Days

After the visit, Chris went back home where he and his friend proceeded to eat the meatball sandwich with a knife and fork. A very wise move to say the least.

"I left A&E with a broken ankle so I could go to Bongo's Bingo"

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Third year student Hugo Bell sprained his ankle playing rugby last year. He waited in A&E for four hours, and when he still hadn't been seen he decided it wasn't worth missing Bongo's Bingo for (after all, he had bought a ticket). So he walked out, went to the event, and decided to get absolutely smashed. We salute you, Hugo.

The boy who broke BOTH hands falling down Soho stairs

Soho is known for its stairs, but in most cases, you can survive a slip unscathed (aside from a few bruises). However, in the case of second year student Hugh Haider, the experience was a lot more detrimental. On his descent from the second floor to the first floor, Hugh was knocked by his mate and fell down the stairs, landing directly onto his hands.

At first he didn't feel much pain, and he continued drinking and dancing. It was only when someone shook his hand that he experienced extreme pain, and knew he had to get himself to A&E. When his hands were examined, the doctors didn't show any major concern. However, when he went to the trauma clinic the following Monday, he discovered that both his hands were actually broken.

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Yeah, he probably deserves a PEC form

A few weeks on, Hugh has adjusted to life without the full function of his hands. He is slowly but surely recovering from what is certainly a very memorable trip to Soho.

It's safe to say that Newcastle students have had their fair share of interesting experiences in A&E, and we're lucky to have such dedicated hospital staff who deal with hundreds of accidents every year. Whilst we can't always prevent accidents, it's reassuring to know that we're in good hands if disaster ever strikes.