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Why Newcastle is the best uni in the country

Let’s be honest, no uni is better than Newc

Exciting, electric and energetic. Newcastle is simply just the best. And if you need convincing, here’s the main reasons why the Toon is on top…

The nightlife is the best in the UK

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Sorry, but I had to start here. The amount of clubs to choose from in Toon gives Newcastle THE BEST nightlife. You’ve got Soho, Empress, Flares, Digi, Swingers, and the list goes on, meaning there's something for everyone.

It’s diverse, good vibe-y and crazy-cheap. Usually spending less than a tenner on a night out, you don't have to scrimp on drinks or a tray of chips cheese and gravy to top off the night (good for you Northerners).

Okay, most places have alright student prices and offers, but Newcastle is both the king and queen of the trebs. It’s the cheapest place you'll go for a night out. Three treble vodkas and a mixer for a fiver? Yes please. I’ll take six.

The people are the most friendly and most fun

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We’ve all heard the thing about friendly Northerners, and in Newcastle it couldn't be more true. It’s the land of the Geordies, who are THE most friendly people. And even though you can barely understand them, the accent has a certain ring to it, which probably helps.

And because it’s so friendly, the people who aren’t from here but choose to come here must be friendly too, right? You meet lovers on a social and besties in the Empress toilets, endlessly complimenting each other after that second round of trebs, "no, YOU look nicer…"

The uni is beaut

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You have to admit, Newcastle is a pretty good-looking uni. The quad is lovely and one of the most attractive things on campus. It makes the 9am walk almost bearable and in autumn looks AMAZING.

The old library building is the best for when you're feeling productive (a rare but welcomed occasion) and it’s damn aesthetic.

There are loads of courses to choose from at Newcastle, it's a Russell Group and there’s just that good vibe. The location of the uni is handy for literally everything. Want a new outfit for your next night out? Head to Eldon square in five mins. Want a cuppa and a catch up with your uni mates? Head to Quilliams or Campus Coffee which are right next to campus. Or fancy some nugs and fries for under £2? You know it, head to Eat4Less (I had to get it in somewhere) just five minutes down the street, you can probably see the queue from your lecture.

The Metro is a lifesaver

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Jesmond is just a £2.90 return Metro ride away from town and has a great bar scene, with lots of second and third years setting up home in the area.

Spy Bar has some student nights through the week and it’s a great place to head to on a bank holiday before hitting the Toon later on. Catered mostly for students, the bars in Jesmond play good tunes and serve pretty cheap, darn-good food (speaking of which, I’ll get onto scran later). The red happy hour buzzer is what we live for as students.

If you’re after something to do in the day you can hop on the metro to Tynemouth where most people head to on summer days for a sunbathe and a dip in the sea.

There's loads of culture

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Newcastle isn’t all about the nights out and the partying, if you’re wanting some culture added into the mix, there’s plenty of choice in that department too. There are a couple of art galleries to choose from, such as the Laing and the Baltic, and the Hancock and Discovery museums are on your doorstep if you fancy a visit as part of a relaxed day in the city. The Sage has weekly music functions and is a lovely building located on The Quayside, from Cinematic Orchestra to Bonobo, you should check it out.

If you’re into your music there’s also the O2 Academy and the Metro Arena, which are a stones throw away from the city centre and regularly have big acts playing regularly. The Angel of the North is one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world so a trip there is recommended, it's a Newcastle must-see.

The scran

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After putting on a good (or not so good) few pounds, I can vouch for the food you’ll find in the Toon. Where to start? There’s Quayside, where you can enjoy some good grub in a good setting. I’d recommend The Great British Cupcakery for an oh-so-extra milkshake-y treat, they’re impossible to finish but do taste great, as the name would suggest. The Botanist is the best for go-to for good food (the chicken hanging kebab with fries and garlic sauce=YUMMMMM) and a classy cocktail in a gorgeous fairy-light-lit-dome setting, especially when the parents are visiting because hey, what tastes better than amazing food? Free amazing food. They also have live music from around 8pm till 10pm every night which is a Brucey bonus. There’s some cute and quirky coffee shops as well, like Olive and Bean is a ten minute walk from uni and serves good coffee with amazing traybakes in a cute lil' homely caf.

Newcastle has everything you could want or need in a city. When you’re here you don’t want to leave, and when you do you want to come back ASAP. So get that masters degree signed up for, you’ll be thankful for the extra year here.