Clubbers of the Week in the Toon

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Here we go again, back with the sexiest people in Newcastle for you to feast your eyes on.

When you have Mono at 9 but gotta be at the building site by 10

Love the camera boys, strike a pose. Mmmm, smouldering.

When you bring your mum to Sinners so she can show off her moves in the cage

Touch my vodka redbull and I SWEAR I will fuck you up

When you're such an animal in bed your vagina roars

In the presence of this Red Stripe, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife

What's the colour scheme for tonight lads? Tan? Oh mint, I have just the coat to match my face.

Who invited the Weasley brothers to MSA?

Oh you've had a threesome? Bet you I can beat that.

Oh my god, fancy seeing you here?!! In Soho?! WHAT A COINCIDENCE

Photo credits: Aaron Shaquille Carlton (Swingers), Max Cooper (Digital), Michael Trimble (Mono, Soho), David Goz (Tiger Tiger), Iamvip (Sinners)