Meet James Lethaby: Newcastle’s fittest fresher

The votes are in

We have scoured the streets of Newcastle and brought to you the fittest lads around. With over 4,000 votes cast, it has been close, but we can now reveal the winner of Newcastle's Fittest Fresher 2017 is…JAMES LETHABY.

With a massive 432/1454 votes in the final, James raced to the lead, over taking the likes of model Ollie and puppy lover Sam. He was overwhelmed with the news of his tremendous victory, telling The Tab: "In Year Seven my form tutor told me I would never amount to anything and after flunking first year twice I thought this could be true. This competition has changed my life; it has given me new found confidence and I truly believe I can now achieve anything I set my mind to.

"I'd like to thank my parents for giving me great genes, my friends for each voting 75 times and most importantly, The Tab Newcastle for giving me this opportunity." Calm down James, you haven't just won the general election.

Second came The Tab's favourite Patrick Anderson with 409 votes. Patrick has been a popular contender, after placing 2nd in the first round, falling short of hunk Tobias Houchin.

Our runner up

Our runner up

In third place came Sam Huxley, with a triumphant effort of 365 votes. Not bad at all.

The first round of Newcastle fittest freshers; the girls, will be published tomorrow so get ready boys!