Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: Group two, the results

It was an absolute landslide

In a never before seen victory, with over 45% of the votes and none of the other boys anywhere near him… Sam Huxley is the well deserved winner of round two.

When asked about his phenomenal triumph, he told The Tab Newcastle: "I can't believe it, dreams really do come true." What a sweetheart.

Of course, he obviously knew what he was doing all along having a sweet little pup in his photo. Tactical play. That's what got our vote anyway.

In second place came the model, Ollie Mcintosh, with a respectable 19% of the votes. Good effort Ollie, but nothing was ever going to compare to the Cockapoo.

The long haired beauty will be joining Sam and last weeks winners in the final, along with the 1st and 2nd placed bachelors of Round 3.

Round 3 will be published tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!

Newcastle University