The Newcastle society you should join based on your personality

Crucial for post Freshers’ Week

Joining a society is a really good way of making the most of the £9,000 you spend every year to attend Newcastle University. As always the thought of entering the sweaty sports hall crammed with Freshers to sign up to societies you have no intention of ever going to isn't that appealing. And on top of that, you were probably doing Freshers' Week wrong if you weren't too hungover to go. So if you missed it, don't panic. Luckily we've made a list of the societies you should join based on the person you think you are.

American Football

Are you a lad? If you shout "lads, lads, lads" when you go out with your new mates this could be the society for you. American Football is hardcore, not only is the training intense but they have a social every week with a different theme. Their initiations remove the weak, you know the boys that should've just joined rugby. American Football is a lifestyle not just a society.

Student Radio

Do you enjoy it when your housemates don't know the song you're playing? Do you roll your eyes when people describe you as indie even though you have carefully tried to achieve this in life? Do you own a record player? Student Radio are a society who see themselves as edgy but are also very diverse with techno fans, comedians, pop princesses and everything in between. If you want to interview your favourite bands, host a radio show or even join their marketing, news or tech team then sign up for Newcastle Student Radio.

Christian Union

Possibly the most loved society on campus. There isn't a single person who doesn't have major love for this society and its members. They answer your questions about God with toasties and answer your prayers on night out at the union with custard creams. So if you're a Christian with a big heart, lots to give and who doesn't mind standing outside the library giving coffee to exhausted students in exam season then this society needs you as much as you need them.

Raising and Giving (RAG)

Another society for the generous souls. Their main activities accumulate with a week where they host events from 'Take me Out' to fashion shows, all in the name of charity. RAG is one of the biggest societies at Newcastle but also the society where everyone knows everyone. It can be a bit cliquey but if you're in the clique then you will have friends for life. The BNOCs of this society all end up working in the union so if you're already thinking three years at uni isn't enough then join this society ASAP. You'll need to be loud, bold and confident to have a chance of standing out but if that's your thing then you'll fit in straight away.

Baking Society

Fancy yourself as a pro baker or a Noel Fielding commenting on the side lines? Perhaps you should join Baking Society. Baking couldn't be more fashionable right now with GGBO. This society will look really good on your Insta and if you're always making cakes it's likely to be popular with your flatmates too.

The Tab

Saving the best for last… you could join The Tab. Write articles for our Newcastle site and for the National site. We meet once a week over food- what's not too love ? Ex writers have gone on to write for everything from Vice to The Times. So if you want your articles to be read all over campus and to go on some of the best socials then sign up and join us this year.

These are just a taste of Newcastle Uni's many societies. Others include Vegetarian Society, 20 Minute Society, Pole Dancing Society, Yoga Society, Cocktail Society and more….

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