Newcastle’s fittest freshers: The boys, round one

Hold onto your knickers girls, the nominees are in

It’s the best part of the year; friendships are still sweet, relationships are blossoming and the TAB is bringing you the best of the best bachelors on campus. You can thank us later.

Without further ado, meet the first round of the fittest fresher nominees…


"Absolute fucking weapon"

From: Norfolk

Halls: Castle Leazes

Studies: Politics and Economics

Weird fact about yourself: One of my middle names is Farquhar.

Best chat up line you have ever used: "Would you like a sip of my bitter? It's from Southwold you know."

Perfect date: Pub lunch, followed by a leisurely walk, ideally accompanied by a couple of labrador puppies.

Current relationship status: Single as one could be!


"100% my type on paper"

From: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Halls: Castle Leazes

Studies: Classical Studies

Weird fact about yourself: I'm psychic

Best chat up line you have ever used: "Are you a washing machine? Because I'd like to fill you with my dirty load."

Perfect date: Netflix and chill, nothing too drastic.

Current relationship status: Single (but I've got a few lady friends)


"Leeds born, Leeds bred, dumb in the brain but good in bed"

From: Leeds

Halls: The View

Studies: Economics and Business

Weirdest thing about yourself: I’m circumcised

Best chat up line you have ever used: "I have just shit in my pants; can I get in yours?"

Perfect date: I'd take her berry picking, then pop her cherry later.

Current relationship status: In a relationship (sorry ladies!)


"Can turn heads but can never turn down a night out"



From: Richmond, London

Halls: Castle Leazes

Studies: Geography and Planning

Weirdest thing about yourself: Before any physical activity I have to listen to classical musical to get in the zone.

Best chat up line you have ever used: "You're beautiful and smart, I just can't see what a man like myself is doing without your number."

Perfect date: I'm a big fan of candlelit dinners and drinks at rooftop restaurants, looking over London.

Current relationship status: Very much single at the moment


"The only thing worse than his nose piercing is his chat"

From: Belfast

Halls: Jesmond (failed first year lol)

Studies: Business Management

Weirdest thing about yourself: I wear insoles to make myself look taller

Best chat up line you have ever used: "Shag me"

Perfect date: Chicken dippers, potato waffles and a cuddle.

Current relationship status: It's complicated

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