Clubbers of the summer: Graduation special

Get me back to The Toon


Whilst the student population of Newcastle are all on daddy's boat or being paid six quid an hour to pull pints in an empty pub somewhere in Yorkshire, Newcastle lives on.

Last month The Toon hosted a number of Graduation after parties, and here are some of the best of the club photos of poly and posh coming together for one last night on the trebs and jagerbombs. So long, post-grads.

Girl gang award. Even though someone didn't get the black memo…

People actually order pints in Empress apparently

Always be careful not to look like you're having too much fun

I'd be smiling too, pal

Deserves an award for making it into Cosmic before 11 x

Fresh from a Missguided add

The trebles are on Dad tonight

Friends who fart together, stay together

'Me and you should deffo hang out more, I've always felt like we just click'

Enjoying summer right

and finally, the squad goals award goes to