There’s going to be a space themed party at WHQ tomorrow

With free ice lollies on the door

A space themed party is being hosted at WHQ on Wednesday to mark the end of term and showcase Newcastle’s student DJ talent.

Organisers say they’ll be wearing alien helmets and handing out free ice lollies on the door, and have said they’re not doing it to make a profit.

Second year organisers, Temi and Diego, told The Tab: “We’re not doing to make a profit and we actually haven’t made any from this, we just felt it would be a nice way to end the term.

“We wanted to give people a safe place to party as there has been so much backlash from police with house parties and the recent rave that everyone went to.”

The event is organised under new events company STDY, which aims to provide feel-good get-togethersĀ in Newcastle.

Tickets for Wednesday’s event can be bought here.

Featured image photo credit – World HQ/Facebook