How much is your dissertation costing you?

In the currency of food, caffeine and printing

For many of us in final year these last few months are a focal point in the academic calendar. Time is money, and with the library heaving by 10am lie-ins are a leisurely pursuit.

Finding a seat can feel like an odyssey – and if you’re not there by 10am, you’re probably fucked. With long hours of research comes boredom followed by thirst and hunger. And by the time you’re done doing laps around the 4th floor asking your coursemates ‘How’s it going?’ the next point of call is to get snacks.

We asked a few students what they’re spending habits were and how much their dissertation is costing them in the currency of food, caffeine and printing.

Emily and Nicola, Business and Marketing

How much money do you spend a week when it’s library season?

Nicola: “Roughly £20 a week on coffee and snacks from the Robbo cafe but I bring my own lunch.”

Emily: “I spend about £15 a week, with my go-to snack being popcorn, but the cost of getting my project printed and bound is costing me £150.”

Rachel, third year, English Literature

How much money do you spend weekly on necessities? “I spend about £10 printing on dissertation, £20 on DVD’s and £30 on books, but I bring my own food.”

Shaun, third year, Politics

How much money do you spend a week on food and printing doing your diss? “I spend about £25-30 a week on food. I spend nothing on printing as I just use my laptop.”

Do you have a favourite lunch spot? “Zapatista.”

Lucy and Charlie, third year, Business & Philosophy, and English Literature 

What’s your dissertation on guys?

Charlie: “Doing mine on Jack Karouak’s ‘On the Road'”

Lucy: “Private military companies!”

Do you bring packed lunch or get lunch out?

Charlie: “I usually go to M&S and get a meal deal.”

Lucy: “I maybe spend about £20 a week on coffee.”

Luke, third year, Geography

What’s your dissertation on? “Just finished it actually! Mine was on the role of Berlin’s techno scene.”

How much money have you typically spent writing it? “Too much. Cba for packed lunch and buy about 6 coffees a day from the Robbo cafe.”

Rosie, third year, Fine Art

Do you usually buy food or come prepared? “I usually come prepared. I like to be careful. I even bring my own coffee or else I would spend soo much money.”

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