Why ‘Floho’ is the perfect night out in Newcastle

Forget spending £6 or £7 on entry, Floho is a cheap night out with all the added perks

The term “Floho” has emerged in recent times as the amicable combination of Soho Rooms and Flares, which go together like strawberries and cream. Despite recent debate that Flares is “the worst night out in Newcastle”, we can officially rebuke this claim, bringing you every reason why it is in fact one of the best Newcastle nights out. Here’s why Floho is a fantastic night out, whether you want to save money, or whether like me, you are a dear lover of the classic tunes that Flares has to offer.

Crowds flock to the hottest spot on Mosley StreetFirst stop: Soho. Always. The free entry with the promise of excellent music, a few rounds of trebles and the chance of bumping into least one person you know, all contributes to a great overall experience. (Except when you get sent up to the dreaded third floor of course, although this only usually happens on the very busy nights).

Anyway, a few trebles in and you’re having a great time. You almost don’t want to leave. But there’s usually something missing. Something that you crave deeply within yourself. No, not a romantic encounter with an attractive guy or girl. That something missing… is the sound of the notorious opening bars to ‘Country Roads’ by the Hermes House Band. As wonderful as the music in Soho is, the craving for old classic tunes will often not be satisfied.

Isn’t it beautiful?

This brings us to the fabulous Flares. Exit Soho, turn right and you will find the promised land just around the corner. Once past the bouncers you enter the purple gates of Heaven. They may charge £3 on the weekend but it’s free all week, which are the best nights for students anyway. Step inside, and a wave of instant happiness rushes over you. The song to greet you will usually be ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ or ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. These nostalgic tunes will automatically elevate your mood, no matter how badly your night is going. How could you not love it?

Flares’ unique interior is what makes it so great. Giant disco balls and stripper poles rarely appear in today’s clubs. And we need more of them I say. The luminous dance floor is usually packed with fellow Flaresians (people absolutely smashed and high on the Flares vibe). This is the most common territory where one can observe the famous VK. And yes, they may be sugary, but who cares. With 2 for £5, they’re the perfect pick-me-up, or in my case, the unnecessary bev that tips me over the edge. Which is also fine. Because in Flares, nothing is ever too much.

There’s no such thing as ‘too over the top’. Potential downsides? The occasional groups of creepy old men. But give them a break. They were our age (give or take a few years) when such epic bangers were released. On the positive side, the vast age demographic means Flares is parent friendly. And we know this is a necessity for all of you whose Mum and Dad love a night out on the lash when they come to visit.

Flares, though amazing, is short and sweet. You know the night is coming to an end when Robbie Williams – Angels starts playing. You start to get emotional. Your group of friends passionately sings to one another, pouring your hearts out, offering each other protection through it all. The DJ will sadly announce his departure, and despite your many hopes for one last song, it rarely plays. But you don’t feel disappointed. You reflect on the night as a success. And you may even get a free packet of crisps or a slice of pizza if you’re lucky.

Boys, did you even go to Flares if you didn’t take your shirt off?

Finished by 1pm, home by half past. In bed by 2ish. A decent night’s sleep is promised. And if you’re not ready for the night to end, Soho is waiting with open arms.

So everyone who claims they “hate Flares”, think again. Floho is the perfect night to do on a budget, and never a let down.

Soho Photo Credit – Chris Gray Photography

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