Newcastle Crep Check: Part 1

We checked out Newcastle’s footwear

Backhand slap those Stan Smiths outta here and make way for the Crep kings and queens of campus. We went around Newcastle and snapped up the best footwear on campus.

Ana, Zoology, 3rd year

Ana’s Black Reeboks with gum sole. Hard.

Suede Reeboks

Ana knocks it out of the park with these simple yet effective Boks. First enticing you with the cool, black suede and highly popular gum soles, before spicing things up with turquoise aiglets and a purple trimmed interior. The all white Reebok logo contrasts the deep black suede and completes the overall aesthetic of these certified dank creps.

Heather, Fine Art, 1st Year

Heather’s Gold Reeboks. Peng.

Gold Reeboks

A great take on a classic shoe, these golden beauties radiated their own warmth in the Robbo and I was drawn in like a moth to its own electrocution. In great condition, these Reeboks are clearly worn by someone with confidence. Shiny gold leather with matching gold laces, these shoes are somewhat enigmatic of the Egyptian Pharaos in all their splendour. “And all that glitters is gold, Only shooting stars break the mould” – Smash Mouth.

Immy, English, 2nd Year

Immy’s Air Force 1’s. Dank.

Air Force 1s

A beautiful take on a Nike classic, these Air Force 1s showcase originality and style. With a baby-blue suede exterior these shoes simply sing summer, a bright relief from the commonly grey days of Newcastle. The detailing on the leather Nike tick elevates these creps to new heights, an undeniably good move from the plethora of Black AF1’s.

Molly, English, 2nd Year

Molly’s Dr.Martens boots. Comfort is key.

Fur-lined Doc Martens

Just like the legendary tortoise, Doc Martens are said to be one of the only shoes on the market able to out-live their owners. This however, is a blessing, as it means someone other than Molly may be blessed by this very pair of DM boots and not be the only person to enjoy their assets. These creps epitomise style and comfort with a deep brown leather exterior and warm comforting fur lined interior. The yellow stitching providing the perfect hint of zest to this delicious shoe experience.

Sean, Sociology and Politics, 2nd Year

Sean’s Air Jordan IV Oreos. Mad.


Sadly the only pair of Jordans on the list these mostly tumbled black leather beauties definitely hold their own. Similar in composition to the highly popular Jordan 4 columbia (different colour scheme), the speckled sole of these creps resembles the classic Oreo: mad. The black leather frames these creps as smart and sophisticated, whilst the speckled detailing and aesthetic AF Jordan 4 model serve their purpose in cementing these into the crep hall of fame.

Kate, English, 2nd Year

Kate’s Dr.Martens. Piff.

Classic leather DMs

The second DM addition to this list, but what they lack in comfort compared to Molly’s fur-lined boots, these DM’s more than make up for in character and flare. With classic strong DM leather exterior, these creps depart from their competitors with a red tone. The pressure points of the shoe’s exterior are accented with a rich, vibrant, deep rouge, a much-needed break from the standard black leather so common to DM lover’s creps.

Decio, Electrical and Electronic Studies, 2nd Year

Decio’s Adidas NMDs. Bigman.

Adidas NMDs

Adidas NMD’s are popping off at the moment, sightings of these reasonably new addition to the crep-world are more common by the day. Decio has gone with the light-grey exterior with bright-blue centrepiece in the heel, confirming these shoe’s obvious status: hard. The patterned sole looks comfortable as anything and the textured laces result in a minimalist, almost mechanical persona; paralleling society’s move towards an automaton take-over. Nice.

Max, Bio-Chem, 2nd Year

Max’s Air”max” 95’s. Solid.

Air Max 95

Oi. Watch your back. These suave 95’s are about to steal your girl. With their sleek shiny and matte black exterior, the colour may say business but that flowing 95’s shape says nothing but pleasure. The red tongue screams danger, accenting the muted black tones with a vibe Dennis the Menace would be proud to call: peng.

Robbie, Civil Engineering, 3rd Year

Robbie’s Reebok Classic Teasle Suede. Levels.


Described by shoe blogger “size” as “a distinctive look and textured feel”, these Boks offer a cool, calm and collected alternative to this highly popular brand. The Reebok Classic Teasle Suede should have its own shoe-butler, just to brush up its edges when it gets a crep-scruff, they’re so fresh. The off-white teasle suede is complimented by a meshed exterior and gum sole, these shoes are undeniably banging. Big up Robbie, hard creps.

Bel, Fine Art, 1st Year

Bel’s Air Force 1s. Standard.

Air Force 1s

What needs to be said other than there might not be a more popular shoe among the female students of Newcastle. Recognised universally as an all-round player, this Nike masterpiece can be worn virtually anywhere, just ask anyone who owns a pair. As common to Newcastle’s student scene as trebs, greggs and woeful attendance, these classics just had to appear on the list.

Oisín, English, 2nd Year

Oisín’s Huaraches. Wavey.


Oisín rocks these badboys with confidence, turning up to lectures and seminars is always an eye-catching experience as these light-grey Huaraches never fail to turn impressed heads with their orange and turquoise detailing.

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